Crappy Vs Snappy: Photog Uses Side-by-Side Comparisons to Market His Skill


One of the problems photographers face today is explaining to clients why it’s worth it to pay a professional to do a job the client often feels they can do themselves. And while people familiar with photography can immediately give a plethora of reasons why an entry-level DSLR in an layman’s hands is NOT the same as hiring a professional, clients often don’t get it.

That’s why Sudbury, Ontario-based photographer James Hodgins started his witty, “Crappy Vs Snappy” showcase. He either invites clients to tag along on shoots with their own camera or snaps his own crappy images in “P” mode, and then places the results side-by-side with his professional-quality shots. The client rarely needs any more convincing after that.

Here are a few of his Crappy Vs Snappy examples:







It’s a smart marketing tactic that Hodgins has expanded past the mining images you see here. According to PDN Pulse, when photographing business clients, he’ll take one picture with a camera mounted flash and his subject against a wall, and another in a studio setting. The difference is immediately obvious, and the images help him sell his skill to future clients as well.

To see more of Hodgins’ work, and keep up with his Crappy Vs Snappy showcase, you can visit his website by clicking here.

Crappy Vs Snappy [James Hodgins via PDN Pulse]

Image credits: Photography by James Hodgins and used with permission.