Olympus Goes Nuts, Possibly to Promote Its New Uber-Durable Camera

The world of photography is full of “nuts,” but these are the first we’ve seen that you could actually crack open with a nutcracker. For its latest photography marketing stunt, Olympus has been sending out a box complete with two walnuts and a note that simply says “coming soon.” TechRadar received one, and PhotographyBlog received another.

In response, people are beginning to speculate left and right as to what the nuts “represent.” Some are saying Olympus is priming new lenses, while others are wondering if a new camera is in the works. A likely explanation is that the nuts are meant to represent the durability of the Olympus TG-1 iHS compact camera that was momentarily leaked on BestBuy.com just last week:

The waterproof camera features a 12MP sensor, 3-inch display, 4x optical zoom, and durable build (a “tough nut to crack”?).

As usual, it looks like we’ll just have to wait and see; but at least the people that received the special package from Olympus won’t go hungry in the meantime.