Cyber-shot Branding May Return to Sony Phones Alongside Serious Specs


Sony has used its “Cyber-shot” brand for digital cameras since 1996, and from 2008 to 2009 the company also slapped the brand on its Sony Ericsson camera phones. Now, with the smartphone industry investing heavily in camera technologies, Sony may soon be reintroducing the brand to its Xperia smartphones in order to compete against other photo-focused phones.

phoneArena reports on a rumor that upcoming flagship Android-equipped Xperia smartphones will carry Cyber-shot branding and will feature serious camera specs.

Cyber-shot branding appeared on Sony Ericsson cameras from 2008 to 2009

Cyber-shot branding appeared on Sony Ericsson cameras from 2008 to 2009

One of the phones will reportedly feature a 5-inch LCD screen and “the best camera” so far in the smartphone industry. The claim mainly has to do with the fact that it will feature Carl Zeiss optics for its lens and a large sensor that rivals other heavyweight sensors on the market (e.g. the Nokia PureView 808).

The smartphone camera’s other specs will also be “top of the line,” and the new camera tech won’t cause the phone to be too bloated in terms of size.

Competition in the smartphone industry is intense as companies battle for market share, and camera quality is becoming one of the main battlegrounds on which this war is being wage. Samsung and Apple are the two biggest smartphone manufacturers on Earth, and apparently Sony thinks focusing on photography can help it secure the number three spot.

(via phoneArena via DigitalTrends)

Image credits: Photo illustration based on SONY CyberShot TX5 UnBox by 246-You, Cyber-shot cellphone “W61S” (2008) by MIKI Yoshihito (´・ω・)

  • Antonio Carrasco

    Well you can call a crappy cell phone camera anything you want, I guess. Unless it has a bigger sensor and an actual lens, it’s still gonna be a crappy camera.

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  • Ingemar

    I continue to wonder why Sony hasn’t put a better camera in its phone. This seems like something it could do AT LEAST as well as Apple. At the very least. It has always made me wonder…..

  • shatner

    because Sony isn’t as good as Apple.