Google Selling Complete Nik Plugin Suite for Only $150


When Google acquired Nik Software back in September, the photographic community took it as a sign that the internet giant was focusing more intently on our passion. But last week, when Google announced it would be pulling support for the desktop version of Nik’s popular mobile editor Snapseed, the same people wondered if this spelled the end of the rest of Nik’s well-respected suite of plugins.

Fortunately, the opposite is the case. Google may have pulled their support for the desktop version of Snapseed, but the remaining offerings from Nik are not only still available, they will be sold in a record-low-priced bundle.

Nik previously sold its Complete Collection of plugins for as much as $500

Nik previously sold its Complete Collection of plugins for as much as $500

Reaffirming its commitment to photographers, Google is re-releasing the complete collection of Nik plugins — including Dfine, Viveza, HDR Efex Pro, Color Efex Pro, Silver Efex Pro, and Sharpener Pro — for only $150. The plugins, which will no longer be sold individually, used to sell for $100 a piece.

Fortunately, for those who have purchased any of the plugins at the previous price, Google isn’t going to leave you hanging. If you’ve bought any of the plugins in the last five years, the company is going to give you the entire suite for free. And if you spent more than $150 on Nik plugins since February 22nd of this year, Google will actually refund you the difference.

The bundle is already available for purchase on Nik’s website, complete with a new name (Nik Collection by Google) and a new one-time installer that will support Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Lightroom, and Aperture.

You can get more details, pick up a 15-day free trial, or buy the whole collection by clicking here.

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  • A_Lwin

    Does this also mean the software has been updated with bug fixes, improvements, and hopefully performance improvements, etc?

  • AdamB

    Or, they sell it cheap so that when they cut it, nobody can complain that they weren’t able to purchase it :/ My mood went from gloomy to smiley though at the mention of getting the full package for free. Purchased for Aperture, but now can use in PS? Nice

  • Erich

    I was literally going to pull the trigger on the suite this weekend but got caught up running errands. This is excellent news and good on Google for taking care of me had I actually bought the suite a couple days ago.

  • Rob S

    Um, $149 is not cheap for google. Might be one of their more expensive non-hardware products.

  • Rob S

    Very cool deal by Google. I had bought both Dfine and Vivesa separately and was bummed that I was close to the bundle price and I really wanted Silver Effects.

    Best of all the upgrade was painless. Google sent me an email with a link and 10 minutes later it was installed!

  • Rick DeNatale

    I’m tempted by this. I really wanted SilverEfex (mostly) on the other hand I got the new onOne Perfect Photosuite 7 not that long ago, and I’m not sure that the Nik suite is that much different overall. Still contemplating this.

  • Rob S

    Got to say that both Dfine and Vivesa are excellent programs. Dfine has paid for itself 10 times over – it took pictures that were too noisy to sell and made them winners. I have sold hundreds of pictures saved by Dfine.

    Vivesa is strange and has a learning curve. But once you get the concept – took me about a day – it is insanely powerful. Everything it does can be done in Photoshop but instead of taking hours it takes minutes, or less. I am a big Nik fan and Im very happy that google seems to intend to keep these tools alive.

  • Andrew Iverson

    Playing around a little after downloading, it seems pretty much the same as the last version, with different branding. Still have some of the bugs i had before though.

  • Andrew Iverson

    I had previously only gotten the Aperture versions, on installing the upgrade it selected all the programs it works with to install into. Haven’t tried it Photoshop yet, but that’s a nice bonus.

  • Pete Stoppel

    Nope, Sketchup pro was at $599

  • Corey

    Nik was primarily a talent acquisition for Google, who needs competitive photo-editing tools for several products (from Android to Picasa to G+). They might have also been interested in the tech that powers the Nik suite of tools. In either case, it’s unlikely that Google has any interest in entering the photo-editing tools market.

  • Mike

    Count me in, I was going to buy Silver Efex anyway and now I can get the whole bundle for less than the cost of one tool. I like it.

  • Rich Meade

    Promo Code “DZISER” gets another 25% off for a grand total of $126.65

  • Allan Thompson

    Is that $150 per computer or can I put it on more than one device? Sorry if that is a silly question. couldnt find it on NIKs site.

  • Anton

    “Fortunately, for those who have purchased any of the plugins at the previous price, Google isn’t going to leave you hanging. If you’ve bought any of the plugins in the last five years, the company is going to give you the entire suite for free.”

    Where? How?

  • AdamB

    We can’t compare it with other Google products, especially when we are their typical product, as data to advertisers. $150 is cheap compared to $500. Not, $150 is cheap compared to $20/user for Google Apps. I think this is a good move, if they were to offer it for $20 or free, that’d be quite the uprising considering it held value at the original price of $500 for quite some time. Because of that last point, I’m unsure of the future of the software with Google behind it. It would really be a sad time if they give it the axe.

  • vfxbyart

    Expect this product to be orphaned in the future. .

  • Buddy Mesker

    I got an email notification. At first I thought it was fake until I saw mention of it on this site and others.

  • Jack

    It takes you hours to mask a couple of curves?

  • Dodge and Burn

    This is great! I paid $500 for the entire bundle a few months back! Love the plugins but I’m feeling mighty crapy right now!

  • palmbook

    Licensing and Compatibility

    The Nik Collection is licensed for use on two computers.

  • Anton

    Tnx, Did not receive one. Contacted support. Curious now :)

  • David

    Others have been finding the offer in their spam folder.

  • DafOwen

    Has anybody got experience of Nik collection vs Alien Skin vs the other on – sorry not sure of it’s name – VFC ? VCF ?

  • bobpal

    It worked! Thanks!

  • Justin

    Actually if it is $126.65, that is a 15% code, not a 25% code. A 25% code should bring the cost down to $111.75.

  • DafOwen

    Was looking for “VSCO”

  • non

    Why would I pay $149 when you can download it for free? That is right, they took all the licensing out of the software, changed the icons, and slapped some new artwork on it.

  • Denny Mickelson

    Its good,thanks for sharing this.

  • Bob

    funny…just ordered it and was wondering why there wasn’t a followup email on the order…just found it in the spam folder and i am using gmail lol