Canon Singapore Announces a Try Before You Buy Lens Rental Program


Canon shook up the photography equipment rental space last Wednesday when the company announced that Canon Singapore would soon be launching a lens-rental program of its own, dubbed “Try and Buy.” Overlooking the slightly presumptuous name, the program will allow pros and amateurs alike a chance to try out lenses that might otherwise land beyond the boarders of their budget.

The program gives customers the opportunity to rent lenses for up to two days directly from Canon for a fee that is on par with most third-party gear renters. But in addition to the peace of mind that comes with dealing directly with the manufacturer, Canon has also built a few incentives into the program.

For example, if you choose to buy the lens you tried, the entire rental fee can be applied towards the purchase of the extended warranty on that lens. Additionally, Canon Imaging Academy members who have enrolled in a course in the past 12 months (or plan to sometime in the future) will receive a %50 discount off the rental rates.


Program registration will be free, and users will be allowed to rent as many as two lenses at a time from Canon’s 70+ lens repertoire. No word yet on whether the program is set to expand outside of Singapore, but an official website detailing all of the nitty-gritty terms of service is set to go live on March 28th.

(via CNET)

  • Kay O. Sweaver

    Yet another nail in brick & mortar’s coffin.

  • KeeFyBeeFy

    Not so. They only rent for 2 days max. People looking for longer extended periods of time will still go to a “Brick & Motar” shop.

    Whilst this will undoubtedly affect rental shops somewhat, not so much to the effect of closing down. The shops can offer a couple of dollars cheaper and it’d still be in business.

  • petra819

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