What 10FPS on a Nikon D4 Looks Like in 1920FPS Super Slow Motion

It’s not uncommon for digital cameras to have burst modes as fast as 10 frames per second these days — especially in mirrorless and pellicle mirror cameras — but do you think you have a good understanding of just how fast 10FPS is? If not, check out this video by YouTube user krnabrnydziobak, who pointed a Phantom Miro eX2 at a Nikon D4 to see what 10FPS looks like when captured at a staggering 1920FPS.

The D4 shoots 10FPS ordinarily, but can be boosted to 11FPS if auto-exposure and autofocus are disabled.


The video shows the mirror and shutter mechanism flapping up and down, with the curtain opening for 1/200th of a second in each exposure.

Want a more detailed look at what goes on during one of these cycles? Check out this video that shows a Nikon D4 shutter flapping through 5000FPS footage. Want to see what the D4’s 11FPS looks like in slow-mo? Here’s a video showing 11FPS at 1000FPS.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Chad!

  • Mike Tzo

    I dont think that our neighboor will be happy about that sound.
    Translucent mirror technology works like a silencer.
    thanks Sony!

  • jianni

    -2/3 of stop… thanks sony :D — 1dx here i come

  • Kurt B

    I tested the A99. Verdict: very silent, extremely fast FPS and AF (even at f/1.4 with the Carl Zeiss 50/14), and superb image quality. Downside is the annoying EVF lag, but better than A77 and A55.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    That’s scary.

  • Guest

    Mirrors are dead, mechanical shutters are dead.
    The first manufacturer who gets a lobal electronic shutter right will be king.

  • tttulio

    Mirrors are dead, mechanical shutters are dead.
    The first manufacturer who gets a global electronic shutter right will be king.

  • Syuaip

    scary stuff.

    a great piece of engineering.

  • yoJoebosolo

    incredible. Cant believe you guys are talking about Sony on a photography site

  • mwing48

    You mean like CCD?

  • nikonian

    If it wasn’t for the evf I would have switched to sony. the viewfinder on the a900 was better than any dslr on the market….

  • nikonian

    Pity you have never used one… And yes I have used Canon, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Maymia/Leaf, Leica, and Hasselblad too (I currently shoot Nikon)

  • ScottnLaguna

    Sounds like an old telephone ringing. Or a machine gun.

  • photographer

    Are you really looking shutter porn? Please, stop with technical obsession and try to be a better photographer everyday!

  • drodriguez

    Last time I shot like that on set the client and subject complained that it sounded like a machine gun and that cameras were so fast they didn’t need me anymore, nonetheless it’s cool.

  • Stephen

    Thanks for posting this video-I enjoyed it. Don’t care what the gear heads say-that’s impressive. But then-I’m thrilled with most things in photography!

  • Alan Sailer

    Now the photographer needs to get two Miro high speed video cameras and take high speed video of a Miro high speed video camera taking a high speed video of a Nikon D4 shutter taking pictures at high rate of speed.


  • Ariel Caudis

    monkeys with machine guns = modern photography

  • John Kantor

    10 fps! I don’t have to think any more – just point and shoot!

  • Kurt B

    I used to think about Sony DSLRs like you until I tested the A99, A77, and A55. Sure, their EVF is horrid but they are getting better and should not be overlooked. They are gaining on the market quickly now. (I own a Canon, a Leica, and a Nikon.)

  • yoJoebosolo

    And what of their lenses, even comparitable?

  • Benny Wong

    try the EVF for 1 month trails, u will get used to its downside and appreciate the good side

  • Benny Wong

    YES canon L is the best in the planet, Zesiss are rubbish

  • Benny Wong

    EVF technology is only will be become better not worse

  • yoJoebosolo


  • Kurt B

    I can assure you that that is not true. I am a Nikon shooter but I have professional Canon photographer friends who will testify that they prefer to use some Nikon and Carl Zeiss lenses on their pro Canon bodies. I’ve used the Zeiss 50/1.4 lens and I can say it is one of the best 50 lenses I’ve ever used.

  • Korios

    Since mechanical shutters approach their physical limits I wonder if (a brand new) electronic shutter is the future of ultra fast DSLRs.

  • Korios

    Zeiss and Leica lenses are rubbish and Canon and Nikon are good. OK..

  • Korios

    A global shutter can be paired with a CMOS sensor too, but it is not common.