JackPod Turns Your Phone’s Headphone Jack Into a Tripod Mount


As more and more consumers use their smartphones as their primary camera, camera gear manufacturers have been brainstorming new products designed to mount phones to camera tripods. Universal mounts to this point have largely been focused on ways of gripping the phone securely. The JackPod is a new stupidly simple answer to how to get phones mounted to tripods: it uses the standard headphone jack found on pretty much every smartphone on the market.

Created by Denver, Colorado-based inventor and photo enthusiast Joe Simon, the JackPod is a little cube that has a standard tripod screw mount on the bottom and two headphone plugs — one on top and one on the side.


Simply mount the JackPod to your tripod, and then slide your phone onto one of the plugs. As long as your phone’s jack can be accessed, it doesn’t matter what make or model you have, or whether you have a case protecting the device — it’ll work. The fit is so snug that it can hold your phone upside down.


At 0.2 ounces and as small as your thumb, it can be neatly tucked into your camera bag for any time you need stabilized smartphone shots.

Simon is currently raising funds for the project and taking preorders through Kickstarter. A $10 contribution will snag you a JackPod with free shipping to anywhere in the United States.

P.S. Don’t want to fork over money for a smartphone tripod mount? You can always make your own using binder clips… Yeah.

  • Bob O’Shaughnessy

    Wow what a BAD idea. I really doubt the headphone jack is built to support the weight of a phone on a regular basis. Most are only attached to a board by 3-4 solder joints. Knock those loose and your phone is shot.

  • Zos Xavius

    This was my first thought as well. My G2 has a mostly broken headphone jack. It works, but cuts out as soon as you move the damn wire. Highly annoying and unusable. Clearly stress and years of abuse have caused this. I sure wouldn’t want to take a brand new phone and add all sorts of undue stress to a port that is held on with a couple of tiny spots of that god awful solder they use now on a surface mount to boot. Yeah. Go ahead and dangle your phone off of that. Idiots.

  • HÃ¥vard Fandrem

    Why would anyone want to put their phone on a tripod? I mean, if you can afford yourself a tripod, then you can afford yourself at least a point and shoot as well.

  • Banan Tarr

    So let me get this straight…Someone will carry a tripod around with them, but not a camera. The new DX compact from Nikon, for example, is very small and the image quality and capability of that camera is leagues ahead of any smartphone camera. It fits in your pocket…

  • Joe Simon

    We love that the smartphones are web connected. To share the photos, we don’t need to connect a camera to our computer but can just upload and go. When hiking, skiing, etc. it is great to carry our phones and a mini-tripod to enable group photos without anyone left out. No 2nd device needed.

  • Josh Goodwin

    Yes, but this is still a very bad idea. I’d rather carry a second device (maybe with an eye-fi card…) and not worried about breaking my phone jack.

  • Joe Simon

    Thanks for the coverage and the interest in our product. To be honest, we were initially concerned out the stress placed on the headphone jack as well, but after several months of active use and testing, we have not experienced any problems with the jack.

    In addition, as we review phone teardowns, the headphone jack housing is rarely removed and remains securely attached to the body of the phone.

    Thanks again for your thoughts, however. One of the best things about launching a product via Kickstarter or other similar platforms is the feedback received and the ability to respond and adapt as appropriate. We will continue to consider this concern and adapt, if necessary.

  • Joe Simon

    To each his own. We have found ourselves using the product extensively and, as mentioned above, have not experienced any breakage or loosening. Several other smartphone-to-tripod products exist and are used by countless individuals. The JackPod! is simply a new approach to solving the problem. One that is cheaper, smaller, easier-to-use, and universal.

    Thanks for all of your consideration and thoughts. We do look to make the JackPod! the best it can be.

  • Jared Monkman

    awesome response to harsh criticism!

  • eraserhead12

    smartphone cams have the benefit of convenience, and sensors have improved since the days of VGA not too long ago. I’m skeptical it would stand up to my 5″ phone, but a tripod mount for a smartphone isn’t a bad idea. desktop tripods aren’t particularly enormous.

  • Bruce Horn

    In response to several of the comments here, even though I have several better cameras, I don’t alway take them with me when I am not going out specifically to photograph but I do always have my iPod Touch with me and sometimes the photo I want to take with it requires stabilization. The smallest model Ultrapod is the ideal companion for that. I can set it up on top of something or wrap the velcro strap around a pole. It weighs next to nothing and folds up small enough to fit comfortably into the tighest pocket. There are a few other tripod adapters that would work with it but they are quite a bit bigger and more fiddly than this. I could leave this one permanently on that tripod and always be ready to use it. I would prefer to have one that only has one plug though. I can easily tilt the ball head horizontal and having two plugs sticking out in two different directions in my pocket would be too many things that could poke me, get tangled up or break off. I would also want a cap for the plug when it is not in use, perhaps the same width as the block so it is just one smooth item to store.

  • Mark Wheadon

    Although your testing may not have tested heavier, larger phones? An iPhone 5 is one thing, but I wouldn’t want to hang my Nexus 4 by its headphone jack for example, which is why I haven’t backed your project (I did consider doing so). Still, all the best with the project.

  • Becca Gulliver

    The iphone 4s would be upside down using one of those.

  • Alex Krylov

    The good way to destroy your headphone jack.
    Don’t understand why bother with such thing when there are lots of cheap holders, cradles, supports for every possible phone and situation over the Internet.

  • Samcornwell

    Forgive me for being the optimist here, but I think this is a great idea. The iPhone will easily have the strength in the port, unlike the plasticy Android phones. (No disrespect mean to Android phones.)

  • Zos Xavius

    thanks for the reply and sorry for the harsh criticism.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    You can find better and cheaper tripods for iPhones on eBay.

  • MarvinB7

    Some Android phones do seem fragile. I’ve got a Motorola and it is VERY strong. It’s taken a direct hit on concrete. Nary a dent or scratch. Anyway, just my 2 cents.

  • Dan Chippendale

    Initially I thought some of the comments were a bit harsh. It’s a good idea. Then I saw the photo of it holding an iPhone horizontally. Ouch. If the mount had even a little fold out support to bare some of that weight then it would be ok. But I’d not feel comfortable letting my phone dangle out there with just a little stick up its jacksie

  • Hugo Cuellar Rodriguez

    Great response.
    And for the record I’d totally buy a case WITH the tripod mount.

  • D4

    be cool if an arm of some kind attached to it that had a plastic section that clipped into the poert at that bottom and the arm took some more weight off the headphone jack as the arm is resting in the dock section supporting?

  • jk

    Why does the photos show ALL the phones in vertical orientation? That’s a terrible way to shoot a video…

  • Zos Xavius

    I looked at that picture. It seems they reinforced the jack. Wish HTC did that with their phones…..

  • eraserhead12

    lol hardware build quality has nothing to do with operating systems. but yeah, I don’t think my huge 5″ phone would take kindly to being tilted sideways hanging by a little stick

  • Christian DeBaun

    Why not fill that little black cube with a lithium battery, and a re-charge tether. Then it could also re-charge the cell while it’s sittin’ pretty on the Jackpod. Just a thought ;-)

  • Joey Duncan

    I worked retail long enough to know that this potentially could be a problem. Maybe not for everybody, but some people. if people are willing to risk it, I guess let them. I guess where i see it having issues, as opposed to say a suction cup mount or case mount to tripod is that the phone can still spin and you are at the mercy of the weight balance to get the shot you want.

    Personally you still have to look at it as ‘it wasn’t meant to do that by ANY means, there is potential for problems.

  • Joey Duncan

    Joe Simon, what kind of testing was done, did you give the camera to people who used it in their lives, under normal circumstances? Or did you have a test camera that one of you or your engineers tried this on for a while. I’m not criticizing I’m legitimately asking

    Personally I’m hard on my stuff, I don’t think out of my last three or so phones one of them didn’t get recycled with out the jack being at least a little messed up.

  • Joe Simon

    The comparison image showing multiple phones and cases had the phones in vertical orientation to better fit within one shot. You can see in the video and on the Kickstarter page, however, that the JackPod! works equally well in horizontal orientation. Thanks for the interest.

  • Joe Simon

    You are correct, it would be upside down, however, this does not limit its functionality. The 4s recognizes that the phone is upside down and rotates all of the camera functionality along with it. Even when upside down, the buttons and associated icons within the camera app remain right-side up. In addition, any photos or videos shot while the phone is upside-down rotate upon completion so when you go back to view photos on your phone later or share them off the device, they are properly oriented.

  • Joe Simon

    Thanks for the thoughts! One of our favorite things about the crowdfunding process is the opportunity to receive constructive feedback prior to production and adapt accordingly.

    Regarding the two plugs, we actually started with only one and had 2 screw sockets to enable vertical and horizontal orientations for those using less-sophisticated tripods that can’t support a full 90 degree rotation of the ball head but found that (for us) the annoyance associated with having to remove and replace the JackPod! to switch orientations outweighed the annoyance with having 2 plugs.

  • Tony R.

    It doesn’t look like a good, or safe, idea to me. The plastic plug will eventually wear, resulting in a floppy, loose fit, with the potential that the phone will simply fall off the plug onto the ground, or go flying off into space if one happens to have the tripod set up at the edge of a tall building or cliff. Moreover, sticking anything that doesn’t exactly conform to the dimensional specifications of an audio plug into an audio jack risks damaging or destroying the jack. For my own sanity and the safety of the data stored on the smartphone, I’d prefer using a bracket- or clamp-style holder with tripod socket.