Sandmarc’s New Carbon Fiber Tripod is Made Specifically for iPhone Shooters

Sandmarc’s new carbon fiber tripod is the latest example that shows the company takes smartphone photography seriously, as it is designed specifically for use with the iPhone.

The company currently offers a range of iPhone-centric products, like filters, lenses, and sliders. Sandmarc actually already offers two other compact tripods aimed at iPhone shooters, but this new addition is the first to use carbon fiber which shaves down its weight from the Pro Edition’s 2.63 pounds to 2.28 pounds.

sanmarc tripod

Obviously, a photography product as ubiquitous as a tripod can’t be changed much to accommodate a smartphone versus a full-size camera, and there isn’t a lot that Sandmarc has done to tailor it to be just for an iPhone. It leans into those mobile-centric claims mainly through the inclusion of a smartphone mount that clicks into the Arca-Swiss-like ball head.

The tripod doesn’t appear to cut any corners despite targeting what most photographers would consider to be the low end of the market. It is made using carbon fiber to keep it lightweight and portable and compacts down to 15.35 inches long. When fully opened, the tripod reaches a height of 64.4 inches.

“A fully equipped and industrially built tripod made for iPhone,” Sandmarc describes. “Quick adjustability and a pro-level ball head for portrait and landscape orientation. A seamless experience when shooting with your iPhone.”

sanmarc tripod

While marketed and sold as an iPhone tripod, there isn’t much stopping a photographer from using it with a traditional camera since it can support a maximum payload of 13.23 pounds. That’s actually substantially more than most camera kits weigh, meaning the tripod should be extremely robust. Sandmarc actually lists “most” DSLRs and mirrorless cameras as supported at the bottom of its compatibility list, along with GoPros and basically every iPhone since the iPhone 4. There doesn’t appear to be any reason why the tripod mount would not work with most Android-based smartphones as well.

The included ball head allows for the standard articulation of an attached camera, which includes both portrait and landscape orientations for an attached smartphone or full-size camera.

sanmarc tripod

Each of the three carbon fiber legs has three sections that are held in place with standard twisting locks, and the center shaft is also carbon fiber and can be raised and lowered by a similar twist lock.

The Sandmarc Carbon-Edition tripod for iPhone is currently available for pre-order for $300. The company says that it intends to start shipping units starting in March.

Image credits: Sandmarc