Wildlife Photographer Luke Massey Talks About His Life’s Work and Passion

British photographer Luke Massey has been fascinated by the wildlife he has made a living photographing since he was a little boy stealing his sister’s camera when he went on walks. Back then he was limited to photographing the wildlife that made its home within walking distance of his front step. Today he travels all over the world.

The gear has improved, his techniques and expertise have improved, but his passion is still the same. And in this short video he talks about that passion, and drops a few tips along the way for those of you who also love snapping photos of wildlife.


Make no mistake, taking pictures of wildlife as stunning as the ones included in the video takes some serious research and planning. The gear helps, of course (Massey typically shoots with a 500mm f/4) but he makes of point of saying that nothing beats knowing your subject well and putting in the time.

(via Reddit)

  • Richard

    Spectacular work. The flying bird shots (raven) are some of the finest I’ve seen.

  • DafOwen

    Is it just me or is the voice recording/sound horribly tinny ?

  • Scott Verge

    I’m wondering if he just used a lapel mic for the voice. It sounded kinda studio or something to me.

    Very cool stuff, looks like he’s living his dream!