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The Secrets to Photographing Rainforest Wildlife


Wildlife photography is taken to the extreme in the rainforest. All of the elements, insects, and other creatures seem to be fighting against you and your camera. In this 7-minute video from Nature TTL, learn how to keep your camera alive and take memorable images in one of the planet’s most challenging environments.

Photographer Sam Rowley tested his photographic skills when he took off to Madagascar’s rainforest in search of lemurs and some unusual reptiles.

Red ruffed lemur, Varecia rubra, Masoala, Madagascar, July.
Uroplatus fimbriatus, giant leaf-tailed gecko, Nosy Mangabe, Madagascar, August.
Giant leaf tailed gecko, uroplatus fimbriatus, Nosy Mangabe, Madagascar, July.

Leaf-tailed geckos tried to steal the show, but the number of incredible lemurs that are endemic to Madagascar cannot be ignored.

Rowley’s tips include how to keep your camera safe from rainforest moisture, how to deal with incredibly low light, how to prepare yourself for an entirely new ecosystem, and how to even begin to capture animals that spend most of their time high in the canopy on camera.

Check out the full video above to take a proverbial trip into the jungle, and subscribe to Nature TTL’s channel for more nature photography tips and tutorials each week.

Full disclosure: I run the Nature TTL photography channel.