Photographer Captures Girlfriend Leading Him Around the World


Russian photographer Murad Osmann has been attracting quite a bit of attention this past week on the Internet for his images. No, it’s not his professional photos of people and places, but rather a clever project he has been putting together on his Instagram account.

It’s titled “Follow Me,” and features a unique perpective: each shot is from Osmann’s point of view, and shows the back of his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova’s body as she leads him by the hand through various locations around the world.

The locations include some of the world’s most famous and exotic places, ranging from Big Ben in London and Sleeping Beauty Castle in Disneyland Hong Kong to a waterfall in Bali.

The project started during a vacation to Barcelona in 2011. Zakharova became annoyed that Osmann was so occupied with his camera and started pulling him by the hand… but it didn’t stop Osmann from snagging a shot. That shot would spark a project that has now spanned over a year and many different locations.

Regarding the look of the images: Osmann snaps the photos with his iPhone or DSLR, adds various effects to them using Camera+, and then uploads them to Instagram.

He’s based in Moscow, but it’s his job that has taken Osmann around the world. He’s the executive producer of the film company Hype Productions. Although the images make it seem as though Osmann spends his life satisfying his wanderlust, he typically only reserves a few days from each trip to explore with his girlfriend.




















You can see more images from the project and follow along through Osmann’s Instagram account, which has amassed tens of thousands of followers.

(via Mashable)

Image credits: Photographs by Murad Osmann and used with permission

  • Henry Li

    I think this suggests that this was the ‘destination’ to which she was intending to lead him. Thus, she is letting go and probably going to turn to face him?

  • shokufe baghban


  • lucas israel


  • amportfolio

    I personally like using HDR when I want to bring out details I couldn’t get in one shot. Even then, I always try to make it look more realistic than over-the-top.

    Some of these images look like some “Norman Rockwell” effect I’ve read about in a Scott Kelby book. I’ll have to play around and see what can work and what doesn’t work in my own photography.

  • jim

    that chick in the last picture. DAT ASS!

  • Lars

    Very interesting and fun. Those images have (to me) a nice surrealistic touch. It is the colours that are kind of surrealistic and yet the images show real places. I suppose that is because of this thing called HDR which many people have commented on, a term that I didn’t know until now (I googled HDR after reading this thread). Well, it seems to me that the HDR is what creates this surrealistic touch. It also reminds me of pop art. It might have nothing to do with surrealism and pop art, I am just saying that for me it does remind me of those art movements. Anyway, fun idea and fascinating pictures.

  • luiza

    that is awesome!

  • luiza

    but are these places real? i mean did they actually travel there?.. to them places?

  • orenji

    If he put it online, I’m sure he was expecting all kinds of criticism. A lot of these are constructive as well. Perhaps next time he will grow as a photographer and retoucher and learn not to put too much HDR. You have to learn from all the negative and positive my friend :)

  • Peter

    I have to agree–some of the pictures are too HDR’ed. She looks jaundiced and almost Simpsons-yellow on some of the pictures, too.

    In my opinion, it would help the work if the photographer had a more cohesive “look” to the whole series. Some are heavily tone mapped with quirky colors that make it look like a weird PS paste-up job, and others look more tasteful, but still retain the punch and vague surrealness the photographer seems to be going for.

    But a neat idea.

  • Alejandro

    she looks hot from the back lol

  • kimberly537

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  • Juan Alvarez

    THIS was exactly what i wanted for Xmas … THANK YOU very much !! (you f%$@ Genius!)

  • AK

    The concept is great but sometimes in a few photos, it felt more like the photographer was holding the girlfriend back than her leading him. & looked like she was ready to leave him and take on the world.

  • Ricky Bobby

    Looks nice and tight..

  • Anonymous White

    The soldier with the American flag is laughing at the guy, being pulled along by his girlfriend/adoptive mommy.

  • Amy

    Wonderfully Creative! Would love to visit the area where the golden Buddhas are sitting along the pathway!

  • Craignos

    Knowing that some were taken with a phone, and “butchered” in HDR now does make feel better about it. These are Instagrams… and that’s ok. I wish I had a fun concept like his. And just knowing the travel alone involved, I’m envious! Good job!

  • Apollyon

    Hot chick. Beta male. Won’t last.

  • Apollyon

    Scratch that. She’s too hot for him to be a beta.

  • Jessie Ooi

    i think the photographer and his lady are brilliant. i like this idea; i don’t care about their photography skills…

  • MagicalKoala

    she’s wearing thong in the last picture….just sayin


    beautiful back XD

  • Jervee

    I’m just amazed by the amount of clothes she packs.

  • Andrew Tong

    he liked it from behind.

  • Courtney Navey

    HDR much?

  • Sir_Elton_Juan

    Great concept, too bad it was made with HDR.

  • Anonymous

    Sorry to disappoint. Google – Natalia Zakharova

  • eccl

    i think that they must have spent all their money traveling and buying clothes and camera gear, and therefore can not afford to eat.

  • Ebog

    This lucky girl. I also want a guy holding hands around the world took it. These amazing pictures

  • Ravi Teja

    wanna see her front face?! :P

  • Ravi Teja

    <3 <3 <3

  • Jeet Sinha

    wonder how many dresses he had to buy her :P

  • Logical

    Hmm…so that is what u do when your girlfriend nags you day and night to take her snaps and you dont find her face interesting!! gotcha!

  • MTReynolds

    There is some serious photoshopping going – the chinese temple with the gold statues – the sky and shadows do not match. Not sure they are all true as they look retouched to me.

  • Saurajeet

    this is what i call a masterpeice

  • Nic Cage’s Hair

    WHOEVER INVENTED HDR AND LET THIS GUY USE IT- YOU’RE FIRED!!! (Yes, i know this was in caps) I can’t enjoy any of the photos (and what was an incredibly awesome idea) without vomiting from the grade school level hdr work. Yikes!

  • Nic Cage’s Hair

    It’s one thing to be creative- big points for his idea (or hers) on this- but it’s another to ruin an otherwise great shot because of over processing. That’s the entire point everyone is making, myself included. :)

  • Owen Bristol

    Agreed! I wouldn’t call it “goddamn awful” but it is indeed a shame, since the concept is pretty cool.

  • Stephanie Mcdonald

    This is a cool idea and i love the comments here and agree with the technical side needs improving and is too overdone.
    Any good photographer knows that critique is how we grow and get better, most of my study involved critiquing each others work in the classroom thats how you get better!!

  • mrshekmi

    It’s gonna be very awkward when they break up and he starts this up with the next girlfriend…

  • Mik

    Nice idea, nice locations, hot girl.
    Terrible, terrible aftereffects though. Way to completely ruin a very interesting project.

  • Talha Khurshid Siddiqui

    Awesome work dude

  • girraj

    Awesome concept and well executed indeed ! Good Luck

  • Nancy

    Pretty girlfriend. Pretty hair. Pretty outfits. Pretty nails. Just pretty!

  • Nikola Milasevic

    HDR= High Dynamic – Russian style

  • Mohammad Masad

    The HDR, I can’t take it :s
    but nice idea nonetheless, and erm.. hot girl… erm :p

  • David C

    They look fake. Interesting concept though

  • Cindy Frances

    Truly Amazing and Very Beautiful!!!!! Loved every image! :)

  • Jason Scott Tilley

    The concept is fun. The post production ruins it.