I Proposed to My Girlfriend with the Back of My Film Camera


Here’s the story of how I recently proposed to my girlfriend using the back of my film camera.

It was date night and our first date of the year. I had been overseas for a few weeks and before that we had both gone back to our respective parents places during the Christmas break. I used this as an excuse to dress up a little.

In the morning, while she was at uni, I bought flowers and put post-it notes throughout her room detailing what to wear and what time to meet me. My girlfriend loves to dress up and has many many heels so it was important that I got her to wear something that she would happily remember as a significant memory.

We went for a walk, my girlfriend in one hand, my film camera in the other. Near where she lives is where we officially started dating and there is this super cool twisted tree which we hung out on that night. As a photographer it isn’t unusual for me to take photos of us, so to start the date I said that I was going to take some photos at this tree.


I pretended I was changing the film and got the ring into position. Then I got down on one knee and flipped open the back. I said some cheesy stuff, which included asking to shorten her last name and the pleasure of her embrace for a lifetime.


Although she knew it was coming at some point in the next few months, it took her a few moments to realise what I was doing, but once she did, and I had finished my short ramble, she didn’t waste any time in saying yes!




We continued the afternoon by hanging out in the park, calling all our family and friends and then finally going out to a restaurant which I had previously reserved.

About the author: Brendan Cherry is a cinematographer based in Melbourne, Australia. He currently shoots a range of different subjects, from music videos to short films to weddings. He’s a hobbyist photographer who particularly enjoys shooting 35mm film. You can connect with him through his website, Instagram, and Facebook.