A Photographer’s Photos of His Camera-Shy Girlfriend

Some people can't get enough of having their photos taken. Photographer Mikaƫl Theimer's girlfriend is the opposite. She's extremely camera shy, so it's difficult for Theimer to get any photo of her smiling and looking into his camera.

That doesn't stop Theimer from trying though, and over time an unusual photo project was born.

A Photographer’s Girlfriend Leads Him One Last Time

Since 2011, photographer Murad Osmann has been shooting a hugely popular series of photos titled "Follow Me" showing his significant other leading him through scenic locations around the world, from his point of view. We featured the project back in 2013, but recently Osmann's girlfriend led him by the hand one last time in the photo above... down the aisle at their wedding.

Funny Portraits of Men Dressed in Their Girlfriends’ Clothes

When Spanish photographer Jon Uriarte first started exploring relationship dynamics and gender roles in his work, he did so by photographing couples together in their shared homes. But at some point, he realized that this method wasn't getting his message across -- that's when he switched to a stranger, more humorous approach.

Photographer Captures Girlfriend Leading Him Around the World

Russian photographer Murad Osmann has been attracting quite a bit of attention this past week on the Internet for his images. No, it's not his professional photos of people and places, but rather a clever project he has been putting together on his Instagram account.

It's titled "Follow Me," and features a unique perpective: each shot is from Osmann's point of view, and shows the back of his girlfriend Nataly Zakharova's body as she leads him by the hand through various locations around the world.

Guy Has Nikon Lenses Smashed by His Angry Girlfriend After Fight

An unfortunate photo-lover in Hong Kong recently got into a fight with his girlfriend, who proceeded to smash his beautiful collection of Nikon lenses. Among the casualties were a Nikkor 28-70 f2.8D, Tokina 28-70 F2.6-2.8, Nikkor 80-200 f2.8D, Nikkor 17-35 F2.8D, and a Nikon TC-20E teleconverter.