Socialmatic Camera to Arrive in the Real World with Polaroid Branding


A few months back we shared the news that, assuming Instagram’s trademark lawyers didn’t get ahold of it first, the Socialmatic camera would indeed be making an appearance IRL. And now, none other than Polaroid has stepped up to place its name on the Instagram icon turned physical camera.

The final product will be known as the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera, and should come touting camera bags, lenses, filters and other Polaroid-branded accessories per the MoU agreement C&A Marketing just signed with Socialmatic.

Physical specs aren’t mentioned, so we assume they’ll stay the same: you can expect 16GB of storage, a 4:3 touchscreen, 2 lenses, optical zoom, LED flash, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, and an internal printer. If we’re lucky, the camera may even follow through on its promise to print out Instagram snaps complete with a QR codes that will send people towards your account.

We’ll keep you up to date as the details are ironed out, but you can expect to see the Polaroid Socialmatic Camera hitting store shelves in Q1 of 2014 for an as of yet unannounced price.

(via Cult of Mac)

  • George Wallace

    Hipsters rejoice…

  • Ian Lindo

    I’d honestly like to own one of these. Sort of a throwback to the Polaroid days before digital. And I think the only people who are going to be ‘against’ this are the kids who just bought a Canon “Rebel” or Nikon entry-level and think they’re above everyone else who doesn’t have cameras as big as theirs.

  • Thanassi Karageorgiou

    I can see this fad being crazy for about a year or two and then dying.

  • Tatyrb

    Im so getting one! I miss the days where i would use my polaroid to make cool photos. I wish it had never gone away! Hope its not too expensive

  • chubbs

    You know you can still buy Polaroids that make instant photos right? They never stopped. The only thing with these is that they look goofy.

  • Ragnar

    I hope the square format is maintained…

  • Angel H Garcia

    Yo la quiero … y la quiero ya! :D

  • eraserhead12

    Just curious, how does this not have a lawsuit with Apple–considering the ’rounded corners’ and metallic design? I mean it’s clearly influenced by the iphone..

  • eraserhead12

    Fujifilm has its own line of analog instant film cameras for cheap, if you like novelty throwbacks. I have one, it’s fun on holidays and such, and I like not knowing how your photo turns out until it develops :D.

    This is basically a souped-up Polaroid Z2300, It’s a cute novelty to have around, but I can’t imagine using it more than a handful of times–after you’re done playing around with friends, you’d eventually revert to just using your smartphone for instagram.

    I don’t know who’s producing it, but Polaroid doesn’t exactly mean ‘quality’ nowadays–they’ve sold their name to tons of terrible, off-brand electronics. The only real downsides are: 1) might be too expensive for what it is–a fad novelty; and 2) you might look like a bit of a tool carrying around a real-life ‘instagram’ camera ;)

  • Clown Party

    Polaroid died years ago.

  • Sean Curran

    ask samsung, they would be able to find a way out.

  • Koke Momo

    You can still use ‘polaroids’ there’s a fujifilm instax that allows you to use ‘polaroids’.

  • StringLittle

    The Impossible Project makes film for classic polaroid cameras (600, Spectra, etc)

  • Yo


  • ericelsewhere

    and fujifilm still makes film for old polaroid cameras as well, even a 3000 iso black and white film, that I usually have in my great “Polaroid Reporter” camera!!

  • jonne

    Just get a Polaroid (600) camera and some real film from The Impossible Project.

  • Art Griffo

    This sounds great getting back to the old film days – nothing like it – I honestly hope this is not a build up to an elaborate April fool hoax!

    PS… If its for real I want one!