Long-Exposure Photos of Light Rising Up from Snowy Landscapes


Lights Edge” is a series of beautiful pictures by photographer Kevin Cooley that show beams of light rising up from various winter landscapes. They’re simple long-exposure photographs that aren’t the result of any digital trickery. Instead, Cooley simply opened up his 4×5 camera and launched military-grade emergency flare into the night sky.






In November of last year, we featured a different project of Cooley’s that also involved flares and snowy landscapes. It was titled Take Refuge, and showed various locations illuminated by the red glow of road flares.

Lights Edge by Kevin Cooley (via Photojojo)

Image credits: Photographs by Kevin Cooley and used with permission

  • David Johnson

    … so did he get rescued?

  • James

    Happens my pee too when I drink Berocca.

  • Daan Schoenmaker

    Some say he’s still out there!

  • Georges H. Rabbath

    Just magical.

  • chubbs

    Serious question: wouldn’t that be crying wolf to others who happen to be in the area?

  • Christian DeBaun

    Lovely series, and wonderful idea!

  • Jason Philbrook

    That is very cool and I’m inspired to see it. But really; if someone does this, let the local rescue people know in advance who/what/when/where that you will be using up some flares and don’t need rescuing. It could be a very costly mistake.

  • marcus wright

    Beam me up scotty

  • Emily Boyd

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  • Brett

    Better yet, hire a ranger for the night to come with you. So they can see that if there is a flare going up that you didn’t fire, they need to actually rescue someone. I wouldn’t want them to avoid flares for the night in-case someone needs help.

  • Samuel

    Im assuming (hoping) he told the local auths exactly when and where he was doing this and with what kind of flare otherwise bit of a stupid thing to do.

    Its all fun and games till you’re packing up your gear and a sea-king chopper appears overhead

  • Seppo Ström

    … And the sea-king´s crew hear that it was all about for some picture, it will be costly pic.

  • Dude