A Demonstration of the Silent Shutters in the Fujifilm X20 and X100s

When Fujifilm announced its latest wave of X-Series cameras earlier this year, the company stated that the big area they’re focusing on is “speed”. The new X20 and X100s feature extremely speedy autofocus, burst speed, and startup time. The ‘s’ in X100s may officially stand for “speed,” but it could just as well stand for “silent” or “stealth”. Both cameras feature extremely silent shutters that won’t attract attention while you’re snapping away.

The video above by nycphotog2006 shows how silent the X20 is even while the leaf shutter is fluttering at a staggering 12fps.

Here another video by him showing what the X100s sounds like compared to its predecessor, the X100:

Finally, here’s a video showing the X100s compared to other cameras of various types:

(via Doobybrain)

  • michaelp42

    The motordrive on the old film camera made me jump every time he pressed the button!

  • John Goldsmith

    In most circumstances, especially when practising street photography in noisy locations, the only reason a camera is noisy is because it’s literally right next to your ear (hip shots, aside). So, unless you’re in a quiet theatre or a place where stealth is required, the noise from an SLR is an issue of perception and doesn’t really impact most situations.

    Basically what I’m saying is that if one is concerned to practice street photography because of a noisy shutter, they should get over it because even drawing one’s camera to their eye is going to draw attention. Instead of worrying, my advice is that photographers should: shoot first, smile later.

    Oh, and in my experience, the x series cameras from Fuji are VERY stealthy. But only because they run out of battery EXACTLY when you want to take a shot…

  • brandon

    a camera that says it can go 12fps, and will actually go for 12 frames? sweet!
    just when i was getting used to the idea of cameras claiming 12-14 or more Fps, but then mentioning how the buffer will only allow maybe 1/2 second worth of pictures.
    (that’s right, i can’t let it go.)

    -really though, these new cams look very nice.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    I am curious to know if these would be quiet enough to use on film sets for stills photography. Camera blimps are very expensive and cumbersome.

  • Wopper

    Lol. The camera with the tape is an EOS 5 and the other you can’t see is probably an EOS 630 (from the little I can see, might be wrong). So as an example of how quiet the fuji’s are comparing them to 30 year old first generation SLR EOS’s is a bit unfair. Compare them to a yashica range finder with a leaf shutter from 50 years ago and you won’t find as big a difference. Interesting article though.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    lol at the taped camera

  • John R

    Not the same quality but the Nikon V1 will shoot silently at 30fps

  • Dave

    So with the leaf shutter you should also have flash synch at any speed I suppose.

  • Jorge

    I use the X100 and the difference is profound. Perhaps in combination with its size and styling, it is a very unassuming camera. Far less threatening than others. And I do in fact snap photos where it is often quieter. Not every street is noisy. I’ve been a street photographer with many different cameras and I find the Fuji the best. So I guess to each his own, but I just wanted to point out that a shutter as part of an overall package can make a difference and can be a concern.

  • chubbs

    I think he was just using the cameras he had.

  • Florence Griffith

    I love my Nikon 1 V1