Fujifilm Shows Off Chicken Head Image Stabilization in Commercial

Back in 2010, we humorously reported that chickens have image stabilized heads. Some people took the idea further, turning chickens into organic Steadicams and doing further research into the subject.

Now Fujifilm has gone and turned that funny property of chickens (and certain other animals as well) into a humorous TV spot. The ad above is meant to promote the image stabilization powers of the Fujifilm X-S1 bridge camera. We delved deeper into the science behind this (called the “vestibulo-ocular reflex”) last year in this post.

Thanks for sending in the tip, Eddy!

  • flo


  • Mansgame

    I wish Nikon would put chicken technology in their camera bodies…Even if they come out with a 24-70 VR it’d cost an arm and a check leg.

  • Sugumarje

    Ha Ha… Nice Idea

  • Carlos Aliperti

    Simply brilliant!