Inside a Paparazzo’s Photography Bag: Cameras, Lenses and Pepper Spray

It’s safe to say that paparazzi aren’t exactly adored in most photography circles. Given the comments we typically get on most paparazzi stories, you could say they’re loathed. But that doesn’t mean they don’t fascinate us all the same.

So if you’ve ever wondered what’s inside a paparazzo’s photography bag (or bags), today’s your lucky day. In this video, paparazzo Henry Flores took the time to show Photoinduced what you’ll find in his.

It’s an older video, but things probably haven’t changed much over the years. In some respects, it’s no different from what you might find in any photojournalist’s bag: a few different lenses and bodies for capturing the right moment from the right focal length. But there are a few odd items you probably won’t find outside a paparazzo’s bag.

For example, two different brands of pepper spray can be found in an easily accessible pocket of one of Flores’ bags. These, apparently, are for protection from the occasional angry superfan.

Inside a Paparazzo’s camera bag [YouTube via Reddit]

  • AnalogMachine

    “Inside a Stalker’s Photography Bag: Cameras, Lenses and Pepper Spray”

  • Joakim

    I reccomend watching Adrian Grenier’s Teenage Papparazzo instead of this fat tard.

  • jake

    what a pr… needs to stay closer and chooses a aps-c sensor. somebody should tell him that he can use his fav optic on a 1dx and he has the same angle than on his 17mm with the 40d.

  • Hornk

    did you not get the “from 2008″ message?

  • boo

    what a dork

  • Igor Ken

    do you think that digital full frames started to be sold only after 2008 or what? Ok, it’s not the 1dx but it can be the 1Ds or 1Ds II, a 5D or even a 5D II … the message is the same, that guy is a phony.

    Even when he says that paparazzi have something more than the photojournalists because they only have 2-3 seconds to get the picture… what kind of bullsh!t is that? Maybe compared to architecture or nature photographers they have to skill some sort of speed in their shooting, but everything else MOVES and happens FAST…arrrrgh, this guy is just so stupid…

  • wickerprints

    Has it ever occurred to him that perhaps he wouldn’t need two types of pepper spray if he conducted himself in a civil fashion? Paparazzi get a bad reputation because that reputation is founded in reality. Comparing oneself to a photojournalist is the height of arrogance and deception: a photojournalist doesn’t deliberately provoke their subjects in order to photograph them. A paparazzo tries to get a rise out of their targets so that they can be photographed in the most demeaning way possible.

  • Emil Chalhoub

    So you need a wide-angle lens for gangbangs? This guy sounds anything, but credible.

  • See.jay

    Is that a shrine in the back ground?

  • Leonardo Abreu

    This race must be eliminated.

  • McKenzie272

    They are not photographers! They are opportunistic people with no ethics. If cameras and flashes weren’t automatic most of them would starve. I have personally witnessed them stage, cause and or create trouble to force a subject into a situation just so they can steal an image to sell.

  • bob cooley

    “you could say they’re loathed. But that doesn’t mean they don’t fascinate us all the same….”

    No, actually you could NEVER post another article about Paparazzi, and I bet the vast majority of us would thank you for it…

  • John

    Woahh…. This guy is such a twat.

  • itsreem

    why was he breathing a like that ? every second he huff and took deep breathes. I do not think he is a official pap I think he a stalker and he gets those picture of a celeb that always come back to haunt them.

  • Joseph

    Well, the only sad thing is that this job and you lot exist!! You are disgracing photography!

  • Raymond Torres

    What a geek

  • Joe Person

    Funny how people hate paparazzi—what have they done to you all except provide entertaining photos on your favorite blogs and magazines that you all read.

  • Gary Martin

    Filth of the photography world

  • DafOwen

    Assuming most people who read this site are photographers or keen in photography I think it’s safe to assume that most see paps as “giving other photographers a bad name” – and that’s likely why.

    My favourite blogs/magazines have no such pap content.

  • John

    “a photojournalist doesn’t deliberately provoke their subjects in order to photograph them” riiiight

  • Syuaip

    no Taser? meh..

  • Michael Comeau

    I liked this guy up until he said “gangbangs”.

  • Michael Comeau

    Ron Galella is way more charming.

  • Mansgame

    This is older but even now days I’d be worried about Justin Bieber overpowering me and breaking my brand new D4 so maybe bringing the D7000 or D90 is enough :)

  • Christian DeBaun

    “The drunk people who come out of the clubs who don’t understand the special relationship the photographer has to the celebrity”

    Umm…. what relationship?

  • Robert Bell

    Photo journalist but better? Deluded deluded deluded!

  • bob cooley

    a downvote, really? Must be some paparazzo scum lurking in our midst.

  • bob cooley

    Stalkers often talk of their imaginary ‘relationship’ to those they are victimizing…

  • bob cooley

    Unfortunately there is a lot of inappropriate lingo and internal language in any profession. When I was a wee photojournalist many years ago, we used to sarcastically say things like “was it a good fire?” meaning good in terms of photos, but of course the loss of property, and possibly lives or injuries make NO fire ‘good’. We also used to have euphemisms for ambulances, firetrucks, 4am drug raids, etc. You’ll find this in the Medical community a lot too. Its a way to keep it light in the face of tragedy that you have to deal with on a regular basis in high-stress professions. HOWEVER – those are like internal memos – what I would say to a colleague in the office I would never put down on paper, an email, or say anywhere in the public, let alone YouTube. But agreed – “gangbang” is pretty douchy, both because they aren’t letting off steam to deal with the tragic, and what they do is to closely akin to a forced victimization of the people they stalk.

  • bob cooley

    I actively avoid that type of media altogether. I admire actors for their talents and craft just like I admire any artist who is talented, but I don’t really care who they are sleeping with, getting divorced from, etc.

    Its their private lives, and being a stalked celebrity doesn’t make me enjoy their work on screen any more or less. It adds nothing to their cache except for those who read that type of junkfood.

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    I agree, but what’s worse? A jerk taking photos for money? Or the ignorant masses supplying the money by buying tabloids at the supermarket? Part of the problem is society in general.

  • Khalid Aziz

    This guy is NOT a Photojournalist and not even beyond it. Such douchy guys makes me really angry.

  • Jake

    I’m sure with a mace anyone can handle a girl.