Pentax Unveils a Cheap Body Cap Lens of Its Own for Its Q System


Olympus isn’t the only camera company toying around with the concept of cheap body cap lenses. At the CP+ show in Japan, Pentax took the wraps off a body cap lens of its own for its Q system line of mirrorless cameras. Officially called the “Mount Cap Lens,” the accessory is a pint-sized hyper-focal lens that will reportedly produce toy-camera-style photographs.

The company is planning to start selling the lens sometime in the summer of 2013. Pricing has not yet been announced, but it would be ridiculous if it comes with a fatter price tag than Olympus’ $50 body cap lens.


At the show, the company also announced a new AF360FGZ II external flash unit. It’ll have a maximum guide number of 36, and will feature P-TTL, automatic flash discharge level adjustment, and a head that can be adjusted both vertically and horizontally. Expect it to hit store shelves at around the same time as the body cap lens this summer.

In other (slightly humorous) news, DxOMark decided to run its extensive quality tests on the Olympus body cap lens, and found that it’s pretty horrible:


Hopefully none of you were expecting more from a cheapo $50 lens. Here’s their conclusion:

No photographer buying a $49, 9mm long body cap lens is expecting optical perfection. Instead this lens is a bit of fun, a curiosity, a point and shoot option that’s a bit quirky and doesn’t cost much money. The limited focusing, fixed 15mm focal length and f/8 aperture will be overly restrictive for some and the latter means you’ll need to shoot in decent light, unless you’re really going to crank up the ISO. Those restrictions however will often make you work in a different way and who knows, you might be pleasantly surprised by the results.

At least the sample shots we’ve seen so far are decent/passable.

  • james

    We have all been conned by lens metrics for far too long. It’s about the impact of the picture and nothing else.

  • fmfm

    I’m a little miffed that people keep making these things and selling a one dollar piece of plastic for what are silly prices.

    I made my own.

  • Michael Zhang

    These pricier body cap lenses actually have simple glass elements, though :)

  • fmfm


    But you’re sticking glass elements on something that meant to imitate pinhole and toy cameras.

  • Kmason

    Everything like this is fun to play with nobody expects tack sharp pics so quit bashing it and get off the 50 bucks and have some fun for a change!!

  • Zos Xavius

    The glass element is inconsequential to the final output. It also helps keep dust out of the camera.