My Picturetown Now ‘Nikon Image Space,’ Adds Perks for Nikon Owners


Nikon’s free online image service my Picturetown never really caught on; given the stiff competition from big names like Flickr and 500px and, let’s face it, that unfortunate name, it’s not surprising. But Nikon is calling a do-over and starting fresh with a new look, new features and a new name. Staring January 28th, my Picturetown becomes ‘Nikon Image Space.’

In addition to changing the name, the re-vamp will also bring a simpler, better looking interface and tighter social media integration with sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Otherwise, the service remains much the same. Anybody can sign up for free (regardless of brand preference) and receive 2GB of space and access to all of the basic Image Space features. Proving you own a Nikon, however, will upgrade you to “special” account status, giving you 20GB of storage space and access to more advanced features like password restricted images and the ability to prohibit downloads.

The update goes live on January 28th, at which point we assume the my Picturetown website will begin automatically redirecting to the new URL. Current my Picturetown users will have their images transferred over automatically; the rest of us will just have to wait and sign up in a week’s time.

(via Engadget)

  • Mansgame

    How do you prove you own a Nikon?

  • Chris Newhall


  • Eric Omori

    maybe you prove it by your nikon cameras warranty and product registration

  • John Nathaniel Calvara

    How about showing them a photo of you holding a Nikon?

  • InTheMist

    This is the only place I’ve seen the “Nikon special account status”. Is it confirmed anywhere else?

  • Clare Newton

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  • luann

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  • Dave Galatas

    You download a small app from Image Space then connect any Nikon camera to your computer via USB.If the app recognises the camera your account is upgraded.

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