Kodak Will Reportedly Soon Join Polaroid in the Mirrorless Camera Market


A week ago, we reported that Kodak had entered into a multi-year agreement with American camera supplier JK Imaging for new lines of Kodak-branded digital cameras. While it’s not uncommon to see this type of deal for low-end cameras, what’s interesting is that the agreement will also result in a Kodak-branded compact system camera. Amateur Photographer writes,

In an interview with Amateur Photographer (AP) at CES on 10 January, Eastman Kodak general manager for Film Capture, Paper and Output Systems, Dennis Olbrich, was asked whether the line-up will include a compact system camera.

Olbrich, who used to work inside Kodak’s camera division, replied: ‘That’s part of the portfolio.’

Polaroid, another beleaguered photo brand, recently signed its own agreement with Sakar International for new Polaroid-branded cameras. That duo is also working on a mirrorless camera system.

Kodak-branded Compact System Camera on Way [Amateur Photographer via Photo Rumors]

  • monteraz

    WOW, a new mirrorless cam, I cannot wait…

  • nab111

    Dear Kodak,

    Don’t bother!


  • Philip Esarza

    Dear Kodak,

    Please make us a revolutionary full frame dslr that could change the market of today for cheap.

  • SKY

    under right direction and great sense of the market rather than just another business stragedy KODAK could bennefit from its name if only smart enough and brave enough to make its first impression as strong as can be – in my eyes as technology observer i see undeniably full frame OR retro KODAK style camera if Leica type of design OR where and how else are they willing now be part of the game?

  • Thiago Medeiros

    If I was any of those dying manufacturers I’d churn out a mirrorless, APS-C sensor camera capable of taking Leica, M42 or PK lenses so people could get MF lenses on the cheap on eBay and have fun. It would definitely sell.