People Becoming Paparazzi Photogs in the Presence of Celebrities

For those of you who can’t stand what paparazzi photographers do with their cameras, know this: it’s not just the professional celebrity photographers who do such things. When a celebrity is spotted in public, ordinary people all around pull out their cameras and do exactly the same thing.

The video above shows what happened recently when Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri tried to watch a show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Florida.

People all around wanted their own photograph of the Cruises. Even though most of them were capturing exactly the same image, and though there are plenty of photos of Cruise online, everyone wanted a personal piece of photographic evidence that they saw the man with their own two eyes.


Here’s a strangely similar video showing the same thing happening to actor Jim Carrey. However, it’s not from a 3rd person point of view: Carrey filmed this video himself:

Here’s the top YouTube comment on the Tom Cruise video: “On the behalf of´╗┐ humanity. Sorry Tom.”

  • Alec Salisbury

    That’s Terrible! Can’t anyone just take a picture then go away?

  • Markus WET

    People are vultures. At least Tom and Jim handled it like the pros they are. Wave and smile ^^

  • Eric

    I am a press photographer and I’ve photographed some very famous people. I don’t understand the demand for it, despite doing it for a living. They’re just PEOPLE. Do you really need to get in their face for a picture?

  • feigejens

    The lunatic is clearly loving it. Why feel sorry for him?

  • Michael Comeau

    What’s really disturbing about cameraphone culture is the fact that so many people now prioritize the documentation of events over the actual experience. Go to any concert to see what I mean. So many people are more interested in posting pictures on Facebook and/or Instagram for bragging purposes rather than enjoying what’s in front of them. A couple years ago, I was doing it myself at a Prince concert, and once I realized what I was doing, I put my phone away and actually started really becoming immersed in the experience of the show.

  • Sean Lucky

    I myself am definitely guilty of taking the occasional iPhone snap at a concert, but the phone goes straight into my pocket afterwards to be looked at and dealt with afterwards. I’ve been to shows where I’m standing at the very front, and the guy beside me will be instagraming his photos live which just baffles me… Was once standing behind a pair of young girls in a theater who watched the entire show through their cell phone cameras as they were filming it for some inexplicable reason. It’s truly shocking that people pay to have an experience such as this…

  • Sterling

    Those are very depressing videos.

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Poor Tom

  • Dan Chippendale

    Go to any fireworks display and you’ll see hundreds of people watching them through their phones. I’m always staggered that people would rather concentrate on getting a video rather than enjoying the actual event in front of them.

  • Matt

    He was very gracious about it. Points for TC. But for real, let the man enjoy a day out with his child.

  • Antonio Carrasco

    EXACTLY… concerts are basically ruined forever due to cameraphones

  • Antonio Carrasco

    I know I probably shouldn’t feel too bad for Tom Cruise, but good lord I can’t imagine trying to live any normal life like this. They are treating him like a zoo animal.

    Of course if he says he wants to be left alone, it would be a huge scandal.

  • Renato Murakami

    Oh, the people taking shots with a dSLR of the neck of Tom Cruise like 20 meters away. Oh, the humanity.

  • tyrohne

    Michael that is a salient point and kudos for the self discipline and realization it took for you to get that. I loathe Instagram from the masses and so I refuse to participate in it.

  • fast eddie

    It’s things like this that make me appreciate Alec Baldwin, as odd as that sounds. He knows how to handle pushy photographers.

  • Renato Murakami

    Agreed 100%. Damn scary thing. And the worst part: People document stuff in crap quality and show off to friends and people on social networks who don’t give a crap about it too. And most people don’t even watch it later on… so it doesn’t work as some sort of memento, doesn’t work to impress others – the sole function is to ruin the experience itself.

  • Brendan

    I think you’ll find that most reasonable people will take a couple of snaps or record a video of a song if they like it or it’s new. It’s just that there is so many people doing it. I don’t see it as a bad thing. I can hardly complain – half of my enjoyment of going to gigs is taking an SLR. When I take a good set of photos at a gig my enjoyment of it continues well after the gig has ended and I’m sure even camera phone people feel the same way.

  • Duke Shin

    It’s like everyone turned into Eric Kim.

  • Tzctplus -

    You just don’t get it.

    For many it is more important to share with others as much of an experience as possible than the experience as such.

    We are social animals, you enjoying alone something anonymously with strangers is not really social, you sharing with others that will be happy for you for being there is social.

  • Tzctplus -

    I take issue with that.

    These superstars and the companies that make them famous make a conscious effort to plaster their faces in as many media as possible, they become individuals with which many become identified in many different ways, it simply can’t just follow that when they show up somewhere in real life they can expect that people will not react in an hysterical fashion: the marketing for all their wares and appearances reaches similar levels of paroxysm, so the reply of the general public is quite proportionate to the effort public figures put to be universally known.

  • Darryl F

    I’m not sure i understand why people care so much… it’s Tom Cruise.. Okay cool.. but people need to take crappy photos as well? (as if there isn’t enough coverage or movies already if you really care to look at this person) .. I mean other than to say “yes they were there”, I find this whole social beahvour to be utterly lame and unamusing. Embarrassing in a way too.

  • brob

    the price of being ridiculously rich and famous

  • snapshot1

    Trite argument for plain old narcissism of today’s younger generation. I guess they can’t help themselves since they grew up in a world with these tools at their fingertips.

  • Scott Simpson

    I have a drastic dislike for Tom Cruise, but this is entirely yucky.

  • OhSusannah63

    Just because a celebrity courts fame ,does their child have to be sacrificed to this voracious beast called celebrity?How will this small child ever have a normal outlook on life?Tom Cruise appears to be lapping up the attention- he’s a grown man who is paid ridiculous amounts of money to entertain with his movies.But does his 6 y. o. daughter need to be subjected to this alarming behavior?Let her enjoy her life, from a distance of invasive celebrity hounds armed with cell phones!

  • Antonio Carrasco

    jesus, really???

  • Antonio Carrasco

    No, YOU don’t get it. Buy holding your camera phone up in the way, you are ruining the experience for everyone around you who paid to enjoy the concert.

  • cheap shots for real

    too many cameras in hands of too many stupid people, so what?

    should there be laws to restrict people being stupid with their cams while the CCTV cams are covering more and more of the public space without notice? don’t you also think the top celebritiess deserve the attention that they have been working their asses off for years to gain. let them live, but let the ignorant masses live as well. or start educating them if you think you can force your way of thinking on them.

    if you are sensitive and concerned, it’s because you’re dedicated and
    most people are not – and why should they be? they use their cameras
    because they are allowed to have them, and that’s ok? right? nobody would want to live
    in north-korea where the ordinary people have hardly even heard of digital cameras let alone used them in public.
    the only few cameras around there are owned by the party elite. so just let the people have their way, that’s what we call democracy.

  • brandon

    This reminds me. I was at laguna motogp race in 2006. during one of the practice runs i noticed the guy next to me was kevin schwantz. i thought, picture, but then i though, man, he wants to see this action as much as i do. let him be, so i did. we were just two dudes standing next to each other watching the action. unfortunately it wasn’t two minutes later a small group of people noticed kevin and he had to turn around, smile, say hello, and miss the ending minutes of the practice session.

  • David Kelly

    probably the same people that bitched that the paparazzi killed Princess Diana….

  • Markus WET

    Well to be completely fair, the artist asked the fans to turn on their cellphones because he was performing a song about social media addiction. Nevertheless, I think there were just 10 % more phones in the air than before …