Paparazzo Struck and Killed While Trying to Photograph Justin Bieber’s Ferrari


Back in July, after witnessing what essentially amounted to a high-speed car chase down the 101 between paparazzi and Justin Bieber, city councilman Dennis Zine predicted that these practices were “a tragedy waiting to happen.” In an attempt to prevent similar incidents in the future, one of the photogs involved was even taken to court, charged under a new anti-paparazzi law.

But unfortunately, the message doesn’t seem to have gotten across. Yesterday, while trying to get a closer look at what he believed to be Justin Bieber pulled over by a highway patrolman, a paparazzo was struck by an oncoming vehicle, passing away from his injuries shortly after.

The tragedy happened on an off-ramp off of Interstate 405, when the as-of-yet unidentified photographer saw Justin Bieber white Ferarri pulled over by California Highway Patrol. Parking his car across the street, he got out to get a closer look, hoping to snap a photo of the 18-year-old star and ignoring several warnings from the officer.

A short time later, once the paparazzo realized that Bieber wasn’t even in his Ferarri, he headed back towards his car; but before he was able to get back, he was hit by an oncoming vehicle.

Although he wasn’t in the car, Bieber did release a statement offering his condolences to the family of the victim, and asking again for what he sees as much-needed legislation that would protect not only celebrities and the police, but the paparazzi as well.

(via CNN)

Image credits: Stills and video by CNN

  • georanson

    I’m sorry for the guy but I have very little respect for paparazzi

  • Mike

    Well that sucks, but I can’t help but wonder, did anyone get any photos of this guy getting hit?

  • Randi Shaffer

    Beiber or Bieber? Pick one. Preferably the correct one.

  • Michael Zhang

    Thanks Randi :)

  • whoopn

    I hate that not only is the paparazzi guy dead but now there is a motorist that must live with the fact that they hit and killed someone…his stupidity not only killed him but hurt someone else and may very well haunt them the rest of their lives. Not to mention the lawful ramifications for that driver. And all of this for a photo of a Ferrari…

  • Matthew Wagg

    So some dick didn’t pay attention to his surrounding and got a darwin award for his troubles. Wayhay, one less moron in the world. Only 3.5billion to go.

  • McWetty

    While I don’t share your cynicism, I don’t feel bad for that vulture who can doesn’t look both ways before crossing the street.

    Look twice, save a life.

  • Dave

    Wow, lose your life over a photo of a chick……..sad.

  • James

    I’m still amazed that Justin Bieber is old enough to drive!

  • Philip Han

    You wish death upon 3.5 billion people? Now that is moronic, you moron.

  • Duke Shin

    It’s a shame he died, especially when it’s over a photo of a worthless brat like Bieber.

  • Randi Shaffer

    NP- everyone makes mistakes. :)

  • Samuel

    Spatial awareness is surely in paparazzi 101? It was in photography 101 anyway.

  • JB

    Dead scumbag. Who cares?

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Well, the guy certainly made the headlines. Isn’t that the paparazzo’s dream?

  • DamianMonsivais

    theres actually 7 billion in the world today….so we need the room.

  • Earl Brooks

    Darwin Award!

  • Adam


  • Richard Ford

    How do you know if he has kids or not? Darwin awards are only for the stopping of the gene line. With kids it is too late and his actions irrelevant unless he killed his kids too. Learn what your insult means before using it. M’Kay.