Photographer Turns Rooms Around the World into Camera Obscuras

We’ve shared several articles featuring the camera obscura and the many uses it has been put through over the years. From a roaming camera obscura used for photography workshops, to the possibility that some of painting’s greatest names used them as an aid, the “technology” has really gotten around.

We’ve even shared videos and kits you can use to turn any windowed room in your house or apartment into your very own camera obscura. But what happens when a professional photographer grapples with the concept? If Cuban-born photographer Abelardo Morell is any indication, some pretty amazing inverted landscapes.

His work with camera obscuras, and overall fascination with the indoors, can be traced back to the feeling of security that being inside a room provided him as a child. Now he spends much of his time composing inverted landscapes inside specifically decorated and prepared rooms around the world; instead of leaving the safety of that space, he brought the outside world to him.

Here’s a sampling of his amazing work:









To see more by Mr. Morell, including the non-camera obscura work he mentions in the video above, be sure to visit his website.

(via Flavorwire and DEVELOP Tube)

Image credits: Photographs by Abelardo Morell

  • Daniel Lowe

    Pretty intense.. I read about this guy about 2 years ago. Wondering if he’s the only photographer world-wide that’s really spent time developing (pun intended) the camera obscura technique for practical use.

  • Tom

    So the first one is either fake, or he’s screwed a bed to the ceiling?

  • langleyt

    Ignore that! Just read a little more!

  • Denver Wedding Photographer

    Really cool images. Awesome work.

  • cunguez

    Abe is such an amazing artist and an astounding technician. And that’s certainly not limited to his camera obscura work. He’s also one of the most entertaining lecturers I’ve been lucky enough to hear speak. Such a humble, no-nonsense photographer (which is so refreshing these days). Almost had the pleasure of working him to help produce an obscura piece here in San Francisco but sadly it never quite panned out. Though I’ll happily settle for waking up and seeing the gorgeous silver gelatin print from his Havana series hung over my kitchen table ( which was also by far the favorite of our wedding presents, thanks Anne! ;)

  • James Leigh

    That’s cool.

  • JosephRT

    He said he is using a periscope on some of them, which inverts the image again making it right side up. They are not fake; just very creative.