Perspective: Objects in Pictures Are Not Always As They Seem

The video above is only 44 seconds long, but we’ll bet it’ll take up at least a minute and a half of your time — you’ll just have to watch it twice. It was created by British psychological professor Richard Wiseman, and demonstrates the power of perspective. It’s titled, “Assumptions.”


It just goes to show: objects in pictures are not always as they seem.

(via BorrowLenses via ISO 1200)

  • Brian

    Playing with perspectives is always fun, but this one was too easy. His DOF is too shallow, the chair and the painting are obviously out of focus indicating they are not on the same plane as the table. Also the lighting isn’t right, the larger bowl in the back is darker and casts a shadow on the wall, giving away it’s position (you can also see the legs of the table it rests on in the back).

    Creative, but poorly executed.

  • Samcornwell

    This reminds me of the telephone scene in Top Secret (starring Val Kilmer) –

    Very funny and plenty of visual pranks if you’ve never seen it.

  • Dan

    hey brian, get a life

  • Fra Lippi

    I think maybe you’re right. Since you say playing with perspective is fun, I assume you’ve done it before. I’d love to see some of your videos – can you post a link?

  • Libby Stack

    They actually used tricks like this in the movie Elf with Will Farrell., Get it and watch the special features – very cool.

  • Brianneedsahugcozhespathetic

    Brilliant! Thanks for posting this video. Keep up the good work.

  • G

    In this case I would say things actually are as they seem.. very poor execution.

  • Alexander Lupascu

    bad execution of a good concepet…the dof gave it away..