Cycloramic Rotates Your iPhone in 360-Degrees Using Only Its Vibrate Feature


Part awesome party-trick, part brilliant idea, the new Cycloramic app from Egos Ventures is about the coolest thing you can get for one dollar on the iTunes app store at the moment. The app — which will only work with the iPhone 5 — triggers your phone’s vibration at the exact right frequency to make it spin around in a perfect circle. Just stand your phone up, hit go, and keep an eye on your friend’s faces (several reviewers called the reactions “priceless”).

360-degree panoramas are certainly nothing new, and neither is the ability to take them using an iPhone. But being able to rotate your phone on any smooth, flat surface without any external hardware is pretty awesome. Since it came out one week ago, the app has already received the New York Times’ Pogie Award (Brightest Ideas of 2012) and has become quite the media darling for tech publications on the lookout for fresh ideas.


Here’s a video showing the app and its vibration-based rotation in action:

For now the app is designed to take panoramic video, but the idea is solid and, we gather, would work really well at taking 360-degree panoramic photos as well — so bring on the software update. For more details or to snag your own copy, you can check out the app for yourself over on the iTunes store.

(via John Nack)

  • Richard Horsfield

    Brilliant outside-the-box thinking…

  • Julian Trœps

    Some month ago there was an app where you have to put your phone into a mug ?

  • Julian Trœps

    I’ve tried it out : It doesn’t work with your iPhone 4S. It wouldn’t turn on a table or a book, not on glass, on ice, on a MacBook. It only vibrates. Maybe an adult-toy. With my iPhone 5 works.

  • Vinicauneto

    This app was made for the iPhone 5

  • Gurjeet

    This is nothing new. Just a little app made out of nothing. All Nokia mobiles would rotate in circles while in standing up position when on vibrate mode on vibrations made during incoming calls

  • 3ric15

    No, the ground rotates around a Nokia.

  • Nick Coleman

    Has to be the absolute coolest app I’ve purchased for the iPhone!!!

    Friends are blow away when I’ve demo’d it for them.

  • Kris J Boorman

    “a little app made out of nothing”

    You mean – GASP – invention?

  • JonSmeeth

    Battery life shortens? Image stabilization gives pixel perfect pics?

  • Thiefsie

    Panoramic will be a problem with an offset lens like that, especially as the table ‘base’ is highly likely to always be in the shot screwing up the parallax. neat idea however…!

  • Julian Trœps

    Uh, sorry bro – I can can read. I know that. Maybe it would work with my iPhone 4S so I’ve tried it. Easy,

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  • Cycloramic

    Thank you Richard!

  • Cycloramic

    The Cycloramic Team is coming up with some great ideas, and our users are submitting creative ways to use the app as well. This is only the tip of the iceberg, there’s more to come!

  • Cycloramic

    It’s come to our attention that it will work for the iPhone 4 in certain situations – provided that the surface used is perfectly level, smooth, and clean. It rotates at about half the speed of the iPhone 5 though. But don’t worry, we’re working on the iPhone 4/4S as we speak.

  • Cycloramic

    … but did it record video at the same time? :)

  • Cycloramic

    There’s an old saying that “Seeing is believing.” Well, now you can see the actual footage of the taken videos on our YouTube channel to see for yourself!

  • Cycloramic

    Appreciate your support Nick, glad you enjoy it! Wait til they see it taking panoramic photos (soon)!

  • Nitin Alabur

    just used this app. Amazing way to make use of a quirk and turn it into a feature! Good thing is that, it works on landscape mode also! I just hope, soon there’s an actual panorama photo feature built with this app or vice versa!

  • Cycloramic

    Yes, panorama photos will be on the next update. We have to say: They look AMAZING!

  • My2¢