End of an Era: Canon Officially Adds the 5D Mark II to Its Discontinued List


The Canon 5D Mark II’s illustrious career is coming to an end. The DSLR, which Canon Rumors calls “Quite possibly the most popular and influential DSLR in history,” has been added to Canon’s official list of discontinued EOS products over in Japan.

Here’s a screenshot of a machine translated version of the page, showing the 5D Mark II listed in the Amateur Model section:


The 5D Mark II shook up the DSLR market when it was announced back in September 2008. The 21.1-megapixel full frame camera was the first in the Canon EOS line to offer video recording capabilities, pioneering the HDSLR movement that has exploded over the past few years.

The Nikon D90, announced one month earlier, was actually the first video-recording-enabled DSLR on the market, but it only captured footage at 720p. The 5D Mark II one-upped the D90 and saw much wider use due to the fact that it was the first DSLR to offer 1080p. Before long, photographers and videographers around the world were buzzing with excitement as the camera saw more and more acceptance as a serious filmmaking camera.


The Nikon D90 beat the 5D Mark II to the video recording game, but the 5D Mark II was first to 1080p

In its early days, we would often report on specific cases on which it was used for Hollywood purposes, whether in a successful indie film, in a big budget Hollywood action flick, or in the season finale of a popular TV show.

These days, it’s no longer newsworthy for DSLRs to be used for series movie or television purposes — everyone’s doing it.

The 5D Mark II was so popular that Canon took a different route in replacing it. When the 5D Mark III was announced back in March, Canon announced that it would continue producing and selling the Mark II instead of discontinuing it (albeit with a large price cut).


The Canon 6D will be taking the 5D Mark II’s place as Canon’s true entry-level full-frame camera

When the Canon 6D was announced in September, it was billed as Canon’s most affordable full-frame DSLR. However, consumers found themselves with a dilemma on their hands, as the 5D Mark II actually offered mostly the same features for hundreds of dollars less.

Now, by discontinuing the legendary 5D Mark II, Canon can finally sell the 6D as its official “entry-level” full frame offering.

  • Jacqui Dee

    Definitely agree with the 6D vs 5D mk ii dilemma. It’s confused many people being on the shelves at the same time…

  • Mathok12

    especially as the 5D MK2 has some features that are better.

    better shutter (durability, speed)
    better viewfinder (better coverage)
    more MP (looks better for the noobs)
    better x-sync

  • perento

    5d II is a crap 0.5 point autofocus.. go a99

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Probably bound to become a popular collector’s item 1 or 2 decades from now.

  • miki

    not much of a dilemma. I would choose the 5d mkII over the 6d anytime.

  • D4

    LOVE LOVE LOVE my 5D MKii, i had the option to buy either the 6D or 5D MKii and not regretted at all, in my eyes the 6D has more things to go wrong like the new wifi built inside, not saying it defiantly will but like new cars that come with new additions, it cost more to fix if something does go wrong. 5D mkii i found produced better image quality, and also the 5D mkii just felt better where as the 6D has the 550D/600D feel.

    Shame to see this really but its understandable when canon is trying to sell something new and cant.. but to me, it proves there upgrade just isn’t worth it.

  • Alex Szecsi

    Canon celebrate xmas this way……cancel a great product,buy a new plastic body one….

  • Zach Sutton Photography

    Crap. So I’m on of those vintage camera collectors now?

  • Mateus Augusto Lopes

    Sad to see this great camera going away.

  • Cochese

    I’d likely go for the 6D. I have a 5DII and I’ve used a 6D and the latter out performs the former almost every way. It’s better in low light, it’s got more options on the camera, it’s over all faster and has better auto-focus. The only thing the 5DII does better is a magnesium body.

  • Syuaip

    i am using 5D2 and has been extremely happy with it. 6D and 5D3 has better ISO performance, great low light on one and nice AF on another. However 5D2 is a great powerhouse.. I’ll just gonna use it until it broke and upgrade to the next technology (FF mirrorless?) when the time comes.

  • Jacqui Dee

    Mk ii was replaced by Mk iii. 7d was replaced by 6d. The 6d isn’t the new 5d, it’s just that the old and new cross over – just shows how much technology has jumped.

  • Steve Walesch

    I don’t see how the 6D can replace the 7D. 7D has significantly more powerful AF (19 cross type AF points versus 1 on the 6D). Plus it shoots a whopping 8fps (only topped by the 1DX). It is probably the best wildlife camera in the EOS lineup.

    The 6D is essentially Canon’s take on the full frame hype (let’s produce a full frame camera with lower specs than the high end APS-C cameras). It is probably quite good for landscapes, but if I would upgrade to a full frame body, the 5D mk iii would be it.

  • faloc

    xD I bought mine just 3 days before it got discontinued ^^

  • faloc

    doesnt really matter for Architectural, portrait, still life and landscape photographers ^^ Sony I think is horrible to use

  • faloc

    Full Frame Mirrorless has been around for awhile now! Leica M9 :P

  • B

    Actually, the 7D mark II will replace 7D. Not sure where the 6D comes in at. I’ve heard its the 5D mark II light. Not as many pro options as 5D.

  • Syuaip

    i’ve been selling my kidney but so far no luck

  • Juan Mejia

    This is when the prices usually start dropping especially with 3 new full frames in the current lineup, right?

  • UnitedByPhotography™

    For many the 5D mk II will be a memory, for many of us it will be the disruptive effect it had on HD Production as its legacy.

  • KP82

    6D body is made of a magnesium shell plus a plastic top cover. The top cover has to be plastic in order for WiFi and GPS to work properly.

  • Spaghetti King

    Just need to point some things out here that are wrong. The Canon 6D and 5D Mark iii have nearly identical sensors (outside of 2 megapixels, the dynamic range, color depth, and ISO are exactly the same). It’s focus is slightly better than the mark ii, and it still has the full build quality of a full frame, minus the top plate being plastic for wifi. The specs are higher than all of Canons APS-C, including the 7D. And I am a proud 7D owner myself in saying that.

  • Spaghetti King

    The 6D is an all around better camera, especially for low-light there is no competition. It has the same ISO/noise control of the 5D Mark iii, and can focus at EV -3. It has faster processing, and WI-FI as well. It also has a faster shutter, and the resolution is nearly identical. However, it is around 200-300 dollars more, so if that seems worth it to you, go for it.

  • diamondmask

    And wi-fi and GPS is important because?

  • roberto saporito

    It’s important because canon can sell a 1400$ camera at 2000$…

  • Jacqui Dee

    Same here. I work in camera sales, though. It’s taking some prosumers a bit to get their heads around it. Since it’s now not only ‘full frame’ making the difference.

  • truefd

    I own a 5d mark III so none of this bothers me.