Photos of Sunlight Streaming Over Foggy Mountain Treetops


Polish photographer Boguslaw Strempel has a fantastic series of landscape photographs of mountains and valleys found in Poland and the Czech Republic. Strempel visits his photo spots early in the morning, when a blank of fog is hanging over the treetops. As the sun rises, the trees cast long shadows across the valley, turning the scene into a magical display of sunbeams.

The photographs were captured using a Canon 40D and a 70-200mm f/4 lens.









You can find more of Strempel’s gorgeous landscape work on his 35Photo page.

(via My Modern Met)

Image credits: Photographs by Boguslaw Strempel

  • Hassan Chamoun

    amazing, that’s why waking up early is so good, then you have to have a great location :)

  • Ralph Hightower

    Crepuscular rays are great to look at. I managed to photograph crepuscular rays as part of my Equinox/Solstice Sunrise project for fall.

    Sun dogs are another interesting phenomenal event to photograph which I captured after Hurricance Sandy blew past the Southeast.

  • Roberto Inetti

    Where can I find tutorials about his kind of pictures?

  • Mathok12

    enhanced with photoshop….. you must be blind not to notice it….

  • Patryk Paluszek


  • Tim


  • peteroiler11

    you’ve just never been up that early, dumb ass, see what you’re missing, f….. expert

  • harumph

    1. Live in a scenic valley.
    2. Wake up really early.
    3. Climb to the top of a mountain.
    4. Figure out which way is East.
    5. Snap pictures!

  • Roy

    A strikingly apt assessment of your contribution.

  • Roy

    Considering that no claim was made to the contrary, this is relevant… how exactly?

  • Roberto Inetti

    You are an idiot.

  • harumph

    I don’t think there’s any claim to artistic ownership on this type of landscape. As I joked about below, you could say that these are reminiscent of anyone who’s climbed a foggy mountain forest in the predawn light and snapped some pictures as the sun rose.

    Not to take away from these shots at all, because they’re gorgeous and obviously technically masterful, but nobody owns foggy forests. I live in Napa Valley, and I drive over the mountains at dawn five days a week for work, so I’m kind of spoiled, but it’s all about being in the right place at the right time.

    And this guy has obviously put some serious time into this, because even though I see this same type of landscape every single day, these moments when the light and fog are just right are few and far between and very fleeting.

  • Carin Basson


  • dave

    Certified response..

  • Salar

    I agree. There is definitely some toning, and some bi-color filters added in post-processing (i.e. top purple, bottom orange; or cyan top, yellow bottom..). A little over-done, IMHO, but good work never-the-less.

  • Leonardo Aquino

    Pohha! o.o

  • Rodrigo Abello

    Awesome pics.