Facebook Says It Will Monetize Instagram. Would You Like an Ad with that Filter?

Ever since Facebook acquired Instagram for a ridiculous sum of money earlier this year, people have been expecting the social media goliath to ruin it in one way or another. That’s because while the small team behind Instagram may have been happy with just the fame part of fame and fortune, a company like Facebook is used to getting both.

Admittedly, so far the downsides of the acquisition have been few and far between. Instagram is growing like gangbusters and it seems Facebook is trying to stay hands off when it comes to its handling of the service. Really the only downside has been the removal of Twitter integration. But, of course, the meddling has to start sometime, and according to Business Insider that moment isn’t far off.

Facebook VP of Global Marketing Solutions Carolyn Everson confirms that Facebook will “find a way” to monetize Instagram; although she avoided mentioning ads like a QB dodging linebackers, she is, after all, the ad sales chief.

For now we don’t know — or rather they won’t tell us — how or when exactly this “monetizing” strategy will begin playing out, but just about everyone agrees that monetize will likely mean ads.

You just have to wonder if monetization also means means a paid, ad-free version of Instagram is in the works, or if we’ll just come to expect that our Earlybird filter will henceforth come attached to a coffee promo.

(via Business Insider via The Verge)

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  • ennuipoet

    Please, Facebook, slather ads all over this hyped up nonsense so people will move on to the next “Big Thing” and stop making snapshots of their breakfast cereal overlaid with a Sepia filter.

  • brandon


  • PhotoShark

    Its a shame, really. the negative name that instagram has gotten from people who misuse the tool. There is a great number of artists who use it and create great work, but they are buried under 400 lbs of crap. lol With that said, I hope they start putting in ads, maybe people will leave.

  • Brad Garner

    It’s not surprising, to say the least. Pretty much every user expected FB to “ruin” the app somehow. I like it, and it gets my wife – who I think has a pretty good eye, but she disagrees – to take a lot of pictures when she previously wouldn’t take any, and increased her interest in “real” photography. I see a lot of good work on there, but the signal to noise ratio is super high. It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out.


    @ennuipoet:disqus get over yourself, Instagram is a great, quick way of sharing photos…if ppl want to publish their breakfast DONT FOLLOW THAT PERSON DUMBASS. Its not hard, thats the whole point, to follow ppl you like and not be plagued with activities you have no interest in, not to get AssFace involved so they can put ads all over it, insert FarmVille in there and generally destroy a simple and effective app.

  • studio 17b

    But I like looking at what people have for breakfast… :(