Instagram Updates iOS App with Sleeker Look, Faster Speed, and New Filter

Instagram officially ended Twitter’s ability to display embedded Instagram photos this past weekend. Twitter users aren’t pleased, but Instagram is now trying to divert their attention away from what they no longer have to what they do. The company announced a major update to the iOS version of the app today, which includes a sleeker look, faster speed, and a brand new filter for Instagrammers to play with.

Version 3.2 features a new Instagram-branded shutter button, a small preview of your most recent photo, a new Camera Roll image selector for iPhone 5 users (taking advantage of the larger screen), a new grid guide for live photos, and enhancements to the app’s speed and reliability.

There’s a new filter that’s being rolled out to both iOS and Android versions. Called “Willow,” it’s a monochrome filter with “subtle purple tones and a translucent glowing white border.” The company recommends the filter for portrait, still life, and architecture photographs.

The tilt-shift feature has been overhauled to increase the quality and accuracy of the blur, resulting in a more realistic simulation of what a tilt-shift lens would do.

If you’re annoyed with the fact that filtered Instagram photos are being saved to your main camera roll, the update makes it so the app saves images to its own dedicated album called “Instagram.”

Other improvements in the update include a redesigned newsfeed with larger photos, a new welcome screen, and infinite scroll on user profiles.

P.S. As we reported this past weekend, Twitter appears to have a set of monochrome filters on the way as well.

  • JosephRT

    Sounds good, I’ve been looking forward to the speed enhancement for some time.

  • Sean Lucky

    If I don’t update, will it continue to upload to Twitter?

  • Leonardo Abreu

    Looks good

  • pcoddin

    I understand that Instagram will soon be able to use your Facebook data to send you relevant ads. Yay.

    I wish they would spend more time working on ways to discover other photographers’ work. There’s an Explore page, but it’s mostly filled with fingernails and teenagers’ boobs reflected in bathroom mirrors.

  • Pod

    A lot of third-party apps that talk to Instagram are now broken. Specifically Camera Awesome and Picframe. Both apps used to be able to post non-square images to Instagram but now Instagram forces either a weird zoom or crops to a square. Boo.

  • Razeus

    Ummm, I used to be able to add any photo I had on my iPhone, now it seems it only gives me photos that are only in my Camera Roll. WTF?

  • Joakim

    Android-version has received updates as well, still same layout but new filter.

  • Jordan

    I’m so happy that there’s finally a filter to use when taking iPhone shots of people of stunted growth. Yay.

  • Brent

    Easily the worst update for any app I have ever seen in the 3 years I’ve been using smartphones… crashes EVERY TIME. iOS 6.01 10A523 iPhone 4S

  • notsohappywInstagram

    All my images are posting as black now. Great.

  • Stuart Humphery

    Have you managed to solve this? I updated Instagram on my iPad about an hour ago and noticed the same problem.

  • Reados

    No one seems to be mentioning this, it’s major change, and a pain as the camera on the iPad2 is crap.