Eyeist Brings Professional Photo Portfolio Reviews to the Masses

If you want more feedback about your photography portfolio than what your friends, peers, parents, and keyboard critics provide — and you’re willing to drop some money on a professional review — you should check out Eyeist, a new disruptive service that’s trying to bring high-quality portfolio reviews to the masses.

It’s an online photo review service that allows photographers to put their images in front respected experts in the industry — seasoned editors that can give you pointers and help take your portfolio to the next level.

After signing up and uploading your images to your private account on the service (shown above), you can book a review:

If there’s a particular person in the lineup of reviewers that you’d like to seek help from, you can choose their name from the drop-down menu. Otherwise, the service pairs you with the most suitable reviewer based on the answers you provide to questions posed at this step (e.g. what will the photos be used for?).

The most basic review allows you to submit up to 30 photos and receive audio commentary as feedback within 72 hours.

Pricer review options include having a full review of your website and receiving editing and sequencing help for the presentation of a publication.

You can also request a live review, which gives you 20-minutes of private consultation using a synchronized interactive workspace through the browser and VOIP for voice.

Here’s a 5-minute video that demonstrates how the service works in a nutshell:

Finally, the price. Eyeist neither very cheap, nor absurdly expensive. Basic reviews cost $100, website reviews costs $150, live review and editing help each cost $200, and editing plus sequencing costs $250. You’ll also need to pay an additional $50 if you’d like to choose a reviewer rather than have one assigned to you.

  • Sum_it

    :::runs to the professor at the university::: “Prof, what do you think about these photographs? Would you be interested in dropping by my studio over a cup of coffee?”

    Cost: $2-4

    Win at life.

  • John Kroetch

    That’s fine for artistic critique, but it looks like this service is from creative directors and actual buyers in industry. It may be a quicker way to gain commercial feedback to hone your photos to a target market for a couple of hundred dollars.

  • harumph

    Which University charges a $2-4 tuition?

  • Tom

    Looks like an interesting service. Unfortunately for me, there are so many things (photographic and otherwise) vying for my extremely limited dollars, that I don’t know if I’ll be able to try it anytime soon.

  • Aaro Keipi

    This is actually quite tempting. Just trying to figure out who would be the best reviewer for a wedding/portrait portfolio–a lot of these reviewers seem to be more in the artistic/commercial lines of work…

  • Allegra Wilde

    Donna Newman! She’s amazing….