Sweet Deal: 60% Off Transcend SD and CF Memory Cards for One Day Only

Update: The deal is now over.

If you’re in need of an extra memory card or two, check out the Gold Box Deal of the Day over on Amazon. The company is selling Transcend brand SD and CF memory cards for up to 60% off their regular prices.

Today only—and just in time for the holidays—get up to 60% off memory and storage from Transcend Information. Boost the performance of your camcorders, digital cameras, and other devices with Transcend Information Class 10 SDHC memory cards and store files and photos on Transcend JetFlash retractable USB flash drives.

64GB SD and CF cards cost just $40 and $85, respectively, providing savings of 50% and 60%. The one-day offer will expire at the end of the day today.

Up to 60% Off Select Transcend Memory and Storage [Amazon via Photography Bay]

  • harumph

    This is a good deal, and I just picked up two 34g cards, but be aware that
    Amazon runs memory card deals on a regular basis. So frequently that nobody should ever be paying their regular prices for cards. On October 22 they blew out SanDisk cards.

  • Tommy Sar

    I personally have no interest for those cards as they’re a bit slow for my needs. Still, I ordered a few of the 16 GB cards as stocking stuffers.

  • jim lewis

    I am a professional photographer and have used only Sandisk for many years. Two years ago my daughter had a once in a lifetime trip to India. Glazers camera was out of Sandisk, and I took a chance and bought three of these cards. While she was traveling one of the crds failed, loosing two hundred photos. I’ll never stray from Sandisk again. Jim Lewis Cutting Torch Media

  • Jo Rodrigues

    Pity Amazon now sees fit to not ship to my address even though I bought my last one through them. I’ll never understand people not willing to make money or do business…

  • Michael Zhang

    The deal is over, that’s why :)

  • Neoracer Xox

    Musta had a bad card, I have been using these for a year and a half with no problems whatsoever, thousands of Raws taken.

  • David Tribby

    Ive had Transcent cards fail multiple times when I first started in photography. I would NEVER buy one again…