Rent a Light Truck for Just $1,500 Per Day

Want to illuminate an entire football field for a photo shoot, but can’t find enough friends who will let you borrow their external flashes? Have deep pockets? Here’s a “lighting accessory” you might want to add to your camera bag: the light truck.

Earlier this week, David Hobby of Strobist shared the results of experiments he conducted in lighting high school football games using way-off-camera flashes. He writes,

In the end, a lot of extra work for a chancy, potentially frustrating result […] the final conclusion has to be that lighting night football is not practical […] Even with near-optimal gear, no deadlines and a friendly home-field coach, the results were disappointing to say the least.

Hobby also asked his readers if they knew of any ways to light the field more reliably. A reader named Daniel responded with a comment saying,

Every problem has a solution. But some solutions are expensive. :) Rent a light truck.

What you see above is the “Sky High Lighting Rig” “light truck” by a SoCal-based company called DADCO. It features massive articulating lights, an onboard power generator, and dimmer controls. You can rent one to illuminate your outdoor photo shoot for just $1,500 per day.

Here’s another of the company’s light trucks called the “G-4 Nite Sun“, which features four 24kW lights that produce roughly 20 million lumens:

As an added bonus, it comes with “extension ears” that let you attach gels to the lights.

If you ever have the opportunity to use the light truck in any kind of photo shoot — perhaps you need to photograph a jumbo jet — be sure to share your experience and results with us!

Thanks for sending in the tip, Phil!

Image credits: Photographs by DADCO

  • Guest

    Nice bit of kit. Its pretty standard stuff in the film industry.

  • xelidonhs

    Blade should own one.

  • Kyle Bucher

    Bebee Night Lights has been running rigs like this for awhile now. We used one to film the promos for IndyCar this year down in FL. They are fun to shoot with.

  • madmax

    I wonder if noise of the generators (in the truck) is a problem for video recording. Lighting trucks equiped with LEDs would consume less energy and generate less noise…

  • Lolwups

    Can’t use them in prison :(

  • Cyrus

    Strobist on steroids. Now where’s that jumbo jet :)

  • Daniel Austin Hoherd

    The Trauma film crew was filming outside my apartment once and they had a really cool light setup that was very similar. They had these hanging light softeners that cast a really big, bright soft light into the night. It was a beautiful light, I wanted to go take portraits in it.

  • William Torregrossa

    Sweet I just picked up a new point and shoot camera. Will need to rent this to get that top notch shot.

  • guest

    are their clientele mostly indie filmographers who don’t have their own studio equipment?

  • oled

    film industry uses silenced generators. Generally gennes inside the back of a truck which is insulated for sound. Also generally these big lights are used quite a way from the set, up the street or whatever, as a broad brushstroke, so sound is usually not an issue.

  • madmax

    Thanks. It´s good learning a little everyday ;-)

  • Eric Westpheling

    There was a photographer in LA who published a book of photos done with interesting effects from “spill” light in the blocks surrounding movie crews and their big lights on cranes, etc. Pretty interesting stuff. Trying to find it on google now, but not having any luck.