Create a Sawed-Off, Clip-On Paintbrush for Easy Camera Cleaning

If you regularly shoot in dusty or sandy environments, here’s a handy tip for keeping your camera clean: create a simple cleaning brush that attaches to your camera bag. Digital Camera World writes,

You’ll never bag a great photo with dirty lenses and dusty gear, so keeping your camera and lenses clean and protected is crucial. The front line of defence against dirt and grime is constant cleaning. This isn’t easy if you have to carry around cans of compressed air, blower brushes, fluids and other bulky equipment. Professionals actually tend to use ordinary paintbrushes for camera and lens cleaning, so save yourself money and space [by] making a handy cleaning brush that clips onto your belt.

You’ll need a hacksaw and a drill to “hack” a 25mm paintbrush, and a split-ring and carabiner for attaching it to your camera bag or backpack.

Keep Your Camera Clean with This Homemade Brush [Digital Camera World]

P.S. The magazine also suggests attaching double-sided sticky pads (or tape) to the inside of your lens caps to trap dust that’s floating around in your camera bag.

  • Chris Bergstrom

    Who sets their camera down in the sand so they can clean it?

  • Henry B

    Nikon users.

  • Sasha

    Am I the only one who thinks that this could be useful for virtually everything?

  • Photog_

    We live on the edge….

  • Bill Smith

    What’s wrong with carrying an extra lens brush just for cleaning the camera body? Nah, I’ll give this idea a miss.

  • Roy

    Or you use a cheap rain cover in such environments so you don’t need to clean your gear to begin with.

  • Phatteh

    Sawn. Its a word i assure you :|

  • Alan Dove

    I just use a shaving brush.