BTS: Shooting Heisman-Winning Football Players for Nissan Advertisements

Photographer Gary Land was recently hired by Nissan to shoot a series of car advertisement photographs featuring the famous Heisman Trophy-winning football players Charles Woodson, Bo Jackson, Robert Griffin III, and Herschel Walker. Luckily for all of us, the team produced a series of behind-the-scenes videos offering short glimpses into how the photographs were created, the gear they used, and tricks they came up with to their turn ideas into reality.

You can click any of the final advertisement images to see them in a higher resolution.

Woodson and Howard Michigan Tailgate

When you can’t find a live wild animal for your shot, taxidermy can sometimes do just fine.

Bo Jackson and the Tiger

To avoid having Heisman Trophy-winner Bo Jackson with a live tiger in the same car, Land decided to photograph the cat separately through a detached car door, and then combine the two images in post.

Robert Griffin III Carwash

This one mainly talks about the challenge of having to share a popular location with other production crews.

Herschel Walker and the Titan

A look at how the team mixed sunlight with a number of other lights to emphasize both the car and the player.

You can follow along on Land’s projects through his official Facebook page.

Image credits: Photographs by Gary Land/Nissan and used with permission

  • Kyle

    Saw these shots in Sports Illustrated. I’d like to see some more of the tiger shots that Gary Land did in the video.

  • John Kantor

    Those are mind-numbingly boring.

  • Christopher King

    Yes, but the production sells. It’s just derivative work, get celebrities, a tiger, a mansion and any guy with a hasselblad and cha-ching. Just like those photos of the lamborghini in snow, those were actually BAD. Except they probably got a bill with four Zeros so they thought it must be good. These aren’t bad just nothing special…

  • Mansgame

    It looks like some bad pictures you’d see on the strobist photo pool.

  • Zac Henderson

    War eagle