Clever Photos of People Casting Intricate Shadows With Their Bodies

Earlier this year, we shared the photos of Tim Noble and Sue Webster, London-based artists who are well known for creating amazing shadows using piles of carefully arranged objects. Perhaps inspired by their work, photographer Julian Wolkenstein shot a clever series of photographs a couple of years ago that show three people contorting their bodies in various ways to create intricate shadows on the wall behind them. The project is titled, Nova.

Just in case you didn’t realize it, the photographs aren’t real. They were created as part of an advertising for an Australian radio show on Nova FM called “Merrick, Dools & Ricki-Lee Radio Show”.

It makes us wonder though: what shadow shapes would actually be possible if you spent time carefully positioning a group of people? It would take a whole lotta patience for both photographer and model(s), but the resulting images could be quite interesting (and viral).

Nova by Julian Wolkenstein (via Photojojo)

Update: The Filipino group El Gamma Penumbra — which appeared on Philippines Got Talent — does something similar, and does it live:

Working with the members of that group could probably lead to some pretty awesome photographs in the style of what’s seen in this post.

P.S. Julian Wolkenstein is the same photographer behind the mirrored-face portrait project that we shared earlier this month.

Image credits: Photographs by Julian Wolkenstein

  • AD

    But they’re clearly fake…

  • DK

    That’s what he said in the post, if you would have read it.

  • Bulos

    Clever? I think this is a poor work, the aren’t even thinking the final result!

  • Michael Zhang

    Take a look at Noble and Webster’s amazing work though. You might think, “how on Earth?…”

  • 23212114

    if this is not fake my name is paul…
    no way that the shadow casting is correct….

  • 2342342

    oh.. should have read the whole article first….

  • Emil Nyström

    Great working, people saying different don’t know about creative work

  • BulosHatesLife

    Here we go

  • mmmarc

    Except the headline is misleading and the fake isn’t mentioned until several photographs are already shown.

  • Jamal Alayoubi

    100% fake

  • Joey Duncan

    It’s not “creative” if it’s fake, nobody cares about it.

  • Markm7

    my balls itch

  • markm7

    and these are fake and this is dumb

  • Emil Nyström

    so you have nerver enjoyed the creativity of a Hollywood movie? All this “true photography”-nazism is just rediculous.