Lomography Belair X 6-12 is a Medium Format Camera with AE and Bellows

Just because a camera has bellows doesn’t mean it’s vintage. Just announced today, the new Lomography Belair X 6-12 has bellows as well. It’s a portable medium-format camera that shoots auto-exposed photographs on 6×12 film — the world’s first camera to do so.

Using 120 film, the Belair can expose in three different aspect ratios: standard 6×9, square 6×6, and panoramic 6×12. It comes with an interchangeable lens system that has two lenses in the lineup: a 90mm normal lens and a 58mm wide-angle.

Features include zone focusing, support for films with ISO from 50 to 1600, a standard hot-shoe mount, a max shutter speed of 1/125s, Bulb mode, and double exposure shooting.

The camera’s bellows system allows it to take on a compact form factor when it’s not being used.

Here are some sample photographs shot using the camera:

It comes in three models with three price tags. The basic black “Cityslicker” costs €249. Pay €299, and you get the metal-colored “Jetsetter” with a brown leather covering. “Globe-trotter” is the rarest of the bunch with a “snake-style” covering (no snakes were harmed in its making, though), and can only be purchased as a pre-order for €349. The price range in US dollars is roughly $326 to $456.

If you order now, you’re guaranteed delivery by December 19th (just make sure this guarantee includes the country you’re in).

Lomography Belair X 6-12 [Lomography via Gizmodo]

Image credits: Photographs by Lomography

  • xelidonhs

    you can buy a couple of mint Zeiss Ikonta folders with this kind of cash…

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    it’s funny that “snake style” is quoted with “no snakes were harmed in it’s making, though” .. yet the brown leather covering doesn’t come with anything like “cows butchered to give you a fancy covering on your camera”

  • Michael

    This design reminds me of some ot the very old Polaroid cameras.

  • AntonyShepherd

    I think I’ll stick to my old Franka Rolfix II – shoots 6×6 and 6×9 (depending on whether you leave the metal masking plate in or take it out) and has a better lens. It cost me a lot less!

  • Tobias Weisserth

    True but can those cameras expose 6 by 12?

  • Tobias Weisserth

    I was the first to complain about the overpriced Lomography plastic crap when it comes to standard formats. I own a Sprocket Rocket which can produce some nice results, but the camera is literally just a plastic box with a fix shutter of 1/100s and either f/8 or f/11.

    I actually went ahead and placed my pre-order for the Belair X 6-12 Globetrotter and contrary to the post the price is not €349 but €244,30 (including shipping to Germany) currently with a 30% discount. Given the rare format and knowing that you can’t expect Leica like results of the lenses in terms of sharpness and the like, I still think this camera can render very unique and useful results. I am looking forward to putting an exposed negative under the enlarger for print.

  • Mansgame

    Silly me for wanting to get real pictures and using Nikon.

  • enero

    or for that price you can get any number of medium format cameras+lens AND a Holga 120WC if you just HAVE TO have 6×12. Or even better save yourself 400 bucks and get yourself a nice old kodak or bessa that’s actually the real deal.

    These things are cute, but man these guys know how to screw a person out of their hard earned money.

  • Spider- Man

    I was excited till I seen it has the same focusing system as the holga, ugggg

  • Berndt Otto

    A couple of mint Ikonta folders ? I don’t think so ;) Those are still expensive and no auto exposure too.

  • Christopher King

    Why do the Zeiss Ikontas go for so much online? I have a 6×6 Ikonta with a tessar and the lens is actually incredible, blows the pants off my yashica… I just hate how long it takes to advance frames.

  • Ting Ting

    Really? You can’t get “real” pictures from this? *rolling eyes*

  • GG

    I agree. The Super Ikonta C is the king of folding cameras!

  • GG

    Would you prefer to have a sports car with stick shift or automatic?

  • ceebee

    No problem with a plastic box as long as it features a matching prize tag.

  • Peter

    If I’d buy the sportscar-equivalent of a photo camera, it surely wouldn’t be this Lomo… This is the equivalent of a Lomax (now, Google that…), except it doesn’t use the undercarriage and ‘engine’ of another camera.

  • sh3t0r

    Including a 58mm lens? I don’t think so.

  • Dr_Terrible

    For the same price, you can get a Holga and a year’s supply of film. Is the difference in format really worth THAT big a difference in cost?

  • Mansgame

    Not if you want pictures that don’t look like they were dragged through the mud, low light, or having the benefit of interchangeable lenses.

  • Chris

    It has twice the available film area. The amount of detail that can be seen in a scan is extraordinary, especially when compared to 35mm. We’ll have to see how good the lenses are though… if they are worth the film that runs through this thing.

  • dr_terrible

    I don’t understand your argument. The “available film area” is the same because you’re still using the same roll of 120. You’re just breaking it down into different-sized images. The scan quality will be the same. Only the aspect ratio of the pictures will differ.

  • New Skool Snapper

    what is the point of shooting film, when you are just going to digitize the images.

    Totally pointless.

  • Christopher King

    It’s pretty simple, 4.5cm<6cm<9cm<12cm. You scan density will be the same but no matter how you look at it, 6×12 is greater than 6×6. You're getting double the size no matter which way you look at it. Also if you're talking film you really should be talking prints and a 6×12 will definitely have more to print than a 6×4.5/6/9

  • Christopher King

    “It comes with an interchangeable lens system that has two lenses in the lineup: a 90mm normal lens and a 58mm wide-angle.”

  • Mansgame

    True…but compare a Nikkor with 24-70mm f/2.8 lens to one of those and tell me which one you would shoot a wedding with.

  • Mike Philippens™

    Being different I guess… ;)

  • Christine Trix Connelly

    I don’t understand why so many people are shitting on this, cameras are expensive but if you are into collecting weird cameras (like I am), I think this is pretty neat. Most people who gravitate towards film and lomo cameras do it based on the results and experience. If you want a camera that shoots like a Nikon or Leica then buy a Nikon or Leica, the rest of us will enjoy the quirky/unpredicable nature of lomo, printing our own images in darkroom and probably scanning them. All of those things don’t take away from the fun experience of using these types of cameras

  • Matthew Pratter

    Yes, you can buy an old camera cheaper. I’m still excited. I’d rather it be manual, and have more shutter speed settings, but it’s going to be lots of fun, and I want to support the construction of new film cameras.

  • darkerThanBlue

    Not really intended for weddings, I’d say.

  • Dr_Terrible

    But it only offers you more to print if you’re using the entire image. The negatives are still going to be the same resolution. So yes, if you plan on printing all of your imaged in a 1:2 aspect ratio, then this MIGHT be worth the investment, but otherwise it seems like a waste of money.

  • Christopher King

    I wouldn’t shoot a wedding with a 24-70 f2.8, too heavy and too dark. It’s just a camera, they take pictures. How you use it is up to anyone, wedding or not…But… Imagine how much easier those damned group photos would be if we could shoot on 6×12!!!

    Also, Nikkor 24-70: $2,000 lens only.
    This 6×12: $250-$350 for a camera and a lens.

    For the sake of argument only, obviously I know that the nikkor is a sharper lens, AF, contrast, flare handling etc etc..

  • Christopher King

    I thought the same thing, so the next day I returned the epson v600 because my prints from the darkroom look a LOT better than negs. Really on should be scanning prints when dealing with negs. Scanners work better with positive slides.

  • Christopher King

    You could use that same logic for 6×7 or 6×9 or longer, I think if one were to buy this, it would be solely to shoot at the full 6×12 size… You would be wet-mounting the film instead of using a carrier tray…

  • Christopher King

    I have the rarer version with the zeiss tessar and that lens just owns. Incredibly sharp and the colour and contrast is insane. None of this “uncoated” marketing scam, it’s uncoated and Velvia 50 looks like a painting with it.

  • eracerx

    wow,Chris no need to try to differentiate, look forward to seeing how these images look printed, not scanned….

  • Marko

    So many complains about the price. I will never understand why people are not able to see the difference between a 30+ years old used camera and the one that is new produced from the scratch. it is a totally new camera design produced by a small company. bad news: developing = money

  • Anthony Case

    It’s not all that much. After the 30% off preorder price and the 10% ILOVELOMO coupon code, the final price tag for me was 188 and change.

  • enero

    Seriously? You pick my comment to hock this spam?! Unless this thing is being sold at cost, it’s too expensive. 188 is still a total rip off! The cheapest price on ebay for a Holga 120WPC is $44.49 it might not be as cute but it will give you the exact same pictures. A beautiful all wood Noon Pinhole 6×12 can be had for about $100 or you can make your own 6×12 (or another format you want) pinhole for anywhere between $0 dollars to that ridiculous $188 you mentioned, and get better results then this camera. Dont even get me started on all the vintage folders that can be had for peanuts.

  • Mike

    Not pointless at all. The dynamic range of film is not lost when scanning (especially on a dedicated film scanner), and neither is the tonality.

  • Chris Egan

    id just save more up and get a medium format rangefinder… twice the price but more control over exposure and better glass and no light leaks and a tripod mount and the ability to use 220… and the one by Fuji has a set of bellows!