Lytro Launches Worldwide, Adds New Colors and Manual Controls

Lytro’s light field camera began hitting store shelves around the world today, and to celebrate, the company announced a couple of upgrades to the camera: manual new colors and manual controls.

In addition to the standard red, blue, and graphite flavors, the camera is now available in Seaglass and Moxie Pink. Both offer 8GB of storage (the red one is the only one offering 16GB), and the Moxie Pink version is only available through Target.

The inclusion of manual controls is a welcome change for more serious shooters. In addition to the simple point-and-shoot functionality, the camera can now be used for more creative applications like light painting or high-speed photography.

Here are some sample high-speed photos taken by Lytro’s Eric Cheng (click within the frame to refocus):

The new manual controls include shutter speed (1/250s to 8s), ISO sensitivity (80 to 3200), a neutral density filter option for adjusting the amount of light that’s captured, and an auto exposure (AE) lock feature that’s one of the most important controls on any camera.

(via Lytro Blog)

  • Jjjustinnn

    Knowing the size of the storage is pointless without knowing the actual size of the image files. Anyone know what size RAW we’re talking about here?

    Also, I can’t say I’m overly impressed with the sharpness in the images above. Then again this is more of a gimmick than a professional tool, right?

  • Igor Ken

    not impressed with the quality either

  • Zak Henry

    “…camera can now be used for more creative applications like light painting or high-speed photography”. Better work fast with only 8 seconds for light painting

  • James

    total gimmick. Titchty teeny sensor and hende loads of DOF. Show me a 300mm 2.8 lens that yields a re-focusable image and then I’ll be impressed.

  • brob

    even when you pick a focus point, it doesn’t look in focus

  • Neoracer Xox

    man what a bunch of haters..this technology will be in the high end DSLR’s some day..innovation.