Murmurings of a Canon 7D Mark II, Which May Succeed the 7D and 60D

There are new rumors floating around that a Canon 7D Mark II might not be too far off. Northlight Images writes that the camera will reportedly be announced early in 2013, in time for the trade shows CP+ in Japan and PMA/CES in the United States. The camera may be a successor to both the 7D and the 60D, offering more advanced features at a reduced price that targets the serious-amateur segment of the market.

The rumors say that Canon is trying to boost the continuous shooting speed of the camera up to 10 frames per second, and that the company won’t be putting more than 25 megapixels of resolution in the sensor. Canon Rumors is predicting that we’ll be seeing a slow down in the APS-C DSLR market, since the new Canon 6D and Nikon D600 are doing a lot to disrupt the standard pricing structure of the consumer DSLR industry.

  • MyOld5D_is_exhausted

    Rehashed old bread. Sony and Nikon are trying harder. Even Pentax.

  • Porsche

    canĀ“t wait to see canons new 1 cross point AF system on the 7D MK2.
    and the impressive 92% viewfinder.
    not to forget the class leading 1/150s x-sync speed.
    but it will have GPS and WIFI…. hell ansel adams would love it…..

  • PentaxItIs

    I expect the same old sensor technology from 2008 but in an APS-H package to reach 20MP. Looking at the current pricing policy of Canon, it will be very expensive. (the idea is that any improvement over previous generation justifies a price increase)

  • Nikon>Canon

    Canon, LOL

  • mcrowleyphoto

    Why such hating on this news? Must be all Nikon shooters. Makes me wonder why you would even bother posting to a Canon story in the first place. Trolls… Rehashed old bread? The thing’s only 2 years old and still the is the best APS-C camera on the market, why not use it as the basis for improvement?

  • alwyn

    Why oh why does Canon and Nikon both think we want more megapixels? Apparently they think what we need is more noise in our images. It seems we need to spend more time on our workflow. What’s the use of ISO 25 600 if it’s a mix between noise and un detailed mush? Keep the damn sensor at 16/18mp and improve the image quality and low light performance

  • CanonFanBoyThatLovsNikon

    Are you sure you follow camera news??? Canon doesn’t worry about MP, their highest MP camera is the 5Dmk3 which has 22mp, not even the high end camera 1Dx has 18 MP, in fair for a better image and a better FPS. Of course some uses will benefit from High MP sensors like studio work, hence Hasselblad, so if they can produce a Camera that can compete in more than one market, considering that all markets are very competitive, why not? Like Nikon with the D800 (Even with its 36mp it does very well in noise performance…). BTW remember when Canon released the Powershot G11 and reduced the MP from 14mp in the G10 to “only” 10MP in the G11, in favor of a better image quality and low light performance.
    Oh yeah, sorry you don’t read enough about this to remember…

  • CanonFanBoyThatLovsNikon

    If they improve the 7D, then we should get again at least (Like in the original 7D): 100%VF
    19-point all cross-type AF (f/2.8 at center: Dual Cross Sensor) (This needs to improve….)
    X-sync at 1/250th second with EOS Speedlites


    1/8000th second shutter speed.

    Very good low light performance.

    WIFI is useful and even GPS for some people.

    I think that the reason that the 7D hasnt been updated is because It is such a damm good APS-C Camera and has features that their FF 6D does not.
    To top out one of your best cameras is kinda hard…

    I hope they improve it…

  • RV

    if it has a variable screen and a higher fps, and a higher mp count ill get it for sure !

  • John

    If they plan to compete with Nikon 600 they need this to be a fullframe.

  • Peter

    On the contrary, sports and animal shooters do need the APS C as a plus. We dont really need FF as long as they improve low light performance,. 18 MP APS C camera with really accurate autofocus – thats what we are looking for. There is no need to add anything to 5dM3 and 6d at the moment.

  • Basilnose

    Knob head

  • Konquerian

    the 7D is definitely a damn good APS-C camera. 18MP is the perfect size so i could care less whether they would up the MP. however, i hope they improve on low light performance and really accurate autofocus. those are really a must for bird and animal shooters. if canon can get that right, ill buy it in a heartbeat as it becomes available.

  • Melody

    How do you think the 7d Mark ll will compare to the Nikon D7100, which was just annunced?