Usain Bolt Nikon D4 Auction Nuked by eBay After Hitting $11,600

Well, that was abrupt. On Tuesday, we wrote that the Nikon D4 that Usain Bolt had famously used after winning an Olympic gold medal was up for auction on eBay, with the proceeds going toward educational and cancer research charities. After the story was reported worldwide, the high bid quickly rose until it hit $11,600 today. Then suddenly, it was gone.

This morning, with four days left to go, the auction page began returning a “not found” message. We asked Jimmy Wixtrom (the sports photographer behind the camera and the auction) about it, and were told that eBay nuked the auction for violated its charity auction policies.

Wixtrom has put up a new auction that’s compliant with eBay rules, but the damage has been done. All the links shared in old news articles are now dead, so this new auction likely won’t receive nearly as much attention as the old one. Bad news for the charities involved, but great news if you’d like to own a terrific and extremely collectible Nikon DSLR.

Usain Bolt famous camera used during the Olympics [eBay]

  • Shay Murphy Photo

    **** ebay

  • Shay Murphy Photo

    **** ebay, you’d think they could make an exception in high profile cases like this.

  • Carson

    Would be nice to hear exactly what part of the policy was violated. I see some google in my future….

  • Mansgame

    I’ll take the D4 for $600. I can probably buff out the scratches and get the sweat cleaned off.

  • Ano

    eBay requires any charity auction to identify the charity, the percentage that will be donated and list the auction as such during the listing process. This is done so that sellers can’t just claim the money will be donated for charity, attract more bids because of that and then turn around and keep the money. The previous listing only mentioned that the donation would be made to a cancer charity (I don’t believe the charity was named) and it only did so in the text of the auction description. In other words, it wasn’t registered as such with eBay. Note that the current listing does not mention any donations to be made from the auction proceeds.

  • School Ball Photographer

    Such a shame – should have been a poetic moment.

  • Ashton Ward

    Blegh, bureaucracy is a pain in the bum. It’s such a shame too see something like this tank. It seems akin to eBay shooting themselves in the foot, I’m expecting a decent amount of backlash.

  • philhoyt

    ebay should just do a redirect from the old link for being scum bags.

  • TSY87

    I hate ebay with a passion.

  • Carson

    Thanks :)

  • Merv

    The auction doesn’t make any mention of charity and the seller has zero feedback.

  • quickpick

    did someone not expect that coming! :D

  • ijhugyft

    PR stunt IMO….

  • Joey Duncan

    Is that your opinion from your parents basement?

  • ScewedLogic

    end yourself and save the world your misguided thoughts