The Impossible Project VP Talks About Resurrecting the Polaroid Instamatic

ReutersTV shared this video today in which its Social Media Editor Anthony De Rosa meets up with The Impossible Project VP Dave Bias to talk about the company and what it’s up to. Bias gives a demo of the new Impossible Instant Lab — similar to what we shared from Photokina — showing how it takes iPhone pixels and “melts them back down into chemistry”.

There are also a few glimpses into what it looks like inside the old Polaroid factory the company purchased and revived. Here’s a crazy fact: when Polaroid shut down, there were still 400 people keeping the factory up and running. When The Impossible Project brought it back to life, they did it with just 30 people.

Bias thinks that there will always be a desire in the general public to use analog products. While the company doesn’t believe it will be “the next big thing” again like Polaroid was decades ago, it does see a long future ahead of it as long as it can keep existing Polaroid users happy.

  • sdad

    Title line: “Instamatic”? That’s a Kodak trademark relating to instant loading cartridges (126, then 110) NOT instant prints. Seems strange to see that headline just above the one about Polaroid suing Kodak from 1976!

  • Justin

    unfortunately the impossible film is not anywhere near what it should be. you have to cover the film as soon as it comes out, and if you don’t, then the exposure is ruined. I just bought a fujifilm instax camera, and the chemistry is far superior, with good color and contrast, and it develops just fine in the light.