Canon to Play the Cloud Photo Storage and Sharing Game with Project 1709

It’s not uncommon for camera manufacturers to launch their own online photo storage or sharing service, but Canon is looking to make a bigger splash than most. At Photokina last week, the company announced Project 1709, an upcoming cloud-based service that will allow photographers to store their entire library of photographs online. As with most cloud services, the images would then be available from anywhere in the world, accessible using any device (e.g. computer, tablet, smartphone, Internet-connected camera).

The service is currently in closed beta, but you can pre-register on the website to be notified whenever it opens up (or to be invited when it expands its testing stage):

While not much else was announced, there’s a teaser video that offers a glimpse into what the service will be like:

One of the main views is date, allowing you to revisit any point in time to look over your images shot then:

As with most photo sharing services, the EXIF data on images is readily available. The data is also used to further organize your images (you can filter by which camera was used, for example):

There’s a folksonomy element built in. Tags are used to further organize your pictures:

Organizing photos into collections makes them easier to enjoy and share with friends and family. The service will be highly integrated with social networks like Facebook and Google+:

Expect the service to fully launch to the public sometime in 2013. Between now and then, hopefully Canon thinks of a simpler and catchier name for the service.

  • Daniella Koontz

    They don’t support Safari yet, and when you go to sign up the United States is not listed under “countries”

  • John Milleker

    No United States here either, so I’m a United Kingdom’er for a bit.

  • Greg Scratchley

    Wow. Not allowed to sign up for Beta unless you’re in europe huh? That’s interesting….

  • Jonathan Maniago

    Is there any obscure significance to the number/year 1709, or is this another case of Canon’s marketing showing lack of imagination? I’m not particularly fond of their slogan either.

  • Matt

    Tags and organization tools are nice, but there is no mention of the actual volume of data that can be stored or how you would actually go about moving a terrabyte of data to their servers. Also, intergration with lightroom or?

  • Gaurav Patel

    I’m sold if it has face-recognition.

  • 42342323

    how much?

  • 4324234

    yep… that´s because you all suck…..

  • Johnnie

    It’s Listed under America not United States.

  • IrisChrome

    Launch date 9/17… lame I know :-/

  • Kay O. Sweaver

    America isn’t a country, its TWO continents.

  • Kerrie

    Just signed up but then saw that Australia isn’t on the list of countries.

  • NatalieDiaz123

    Canon is one of the best brand that I rely upon as this is what I am using for a long time and Here I liked the idea of the cloud storage as this really an awesome feature I would say.

  • Oluffssson

    I live in Europe, Romania but Romania is missing from that list although one could find.. Albania, Bulgaria etc. Strange! I’d rather think the country list is the error of a Canon geeky.

  • Ken Wallace

    Nothing list for United States (nor under America). Besides, the rights Terms and Conditions are unacceptable for a professional photographer anyway.

  • blacksmythe

    Not in my options.

  • lexplex

    More imaginative than ‘iPhone’…

  • Tommy Edwards

    it seems like a cool idea, but since I travel a lot, I’d rather use backupthat. It gives me unlimited storage for free, and it’s available in any country.