The Booths of Major Camera Companies at Photokina 2012

Photokina 2012 came to an end in Cologne, Germany today. If you weren’t able to make the show this year and are wondering what the show was like, we’ve collected some photos of the fancy booths set up by major camera makers. Hopefully they can provide you with a glimpse of how the big brands went about showing off their latest and greatest wares.

The photo above shows the gigantic photo globe found between two of the halls. Called “the world’s largest photo globe”, it measures over 19 feet in diameter and was created as a collaboration between companies in the Photographic Industry Association.


The entrance to Canon’s section was hard to miss. It did a lot with the architectural design of its space, with massive red blocks hanging overhead.


Fujifilm’s booth — especially the X-Series stand — was quite popular. Even company representatives said that they were surprised at the turnout.


Kodak may be down, but it’s definitely not out. It had a pretty respectable booth at the show this year through which it showed off its new emphasis on printing technologies.


While all the other camera companies — even the big ones — shared the massive halls of the Cologne Exhibition Center with other brands, Leica had an entire hall all to itself. Half of it was for showing off gear, and half was for a massive photo exhibition.


Nikon had a cool photo heart spinning around in the middle of its space. A stage to one side with “I AM” branding had a number of presentations around the clock, including by Carli Davidson.







A large part of Sony’s booth had a “jungle” theme to it.

It was a blast covering the show this year, and we still have some stuff from the show that’ll be shared shortly. We hope you enjoyed this behind-the-scenes look at Photokina 2012!

  • jacob zvi

    great report, I feel as if I was really there, thanks

  • SebR

    seems like samsung had a pretty quiet show this year lol

  • John Kantor

    Certainly proves that 90% of their customers are amateurs who are easily amused by shiny booths and meaningless specs.

  • Bob Beamesderfer

    Similar to Leica, every year at the L.A. Auto Show, Porsche has a hall to itself.”Decorated” with vintage street and racing cars.

  • lloyd

    So much white! these companies need to pick a new colour

  • Ivan

    I’d go with >99% (especially for the part about meaningless specs).

  • derp

    As long as it’s not Nikon yellow, yuck.

  • Joey Duncan

    I think you are sorta right, I know people won’t agree with me (or you as you have 3 neg and no pos) but the reality is, the buying power and target demographics are people who’s primary objective isn’t what a true enthusiast’s is. I know this from working retail for 6 years at BB. They ALWAYS want to sell the largest group, and that is going to be people who don’t know that much, and don’t care that much about the hardcore stuff. To me it seems pointless to spend ALL that money on those booths with so little actual competing and and information. But it’s what really sells, if you confuse people with specs when they aren’t looking for it they glass over and walk away until they hear better music. They want simple, and they want which one plays to their needs better.

    Personally I would LOVE their to be a competition, a “shoot out” event if you will. really put them to the grind and see who comes out on time. But that’ll never happen with the exception (some) of the reviews.