Fujifilm May Already Be Working on a Full Frame Camera for the X-Series Lineup

There are currently two interchangeable-lens rangefinder-esque cameras in Fujifilm’s X-Series lineup: the X-Pro1 and the X-E1, both of which contain APS-C sensors. Owners are gushing over the cameras, which are actually quite similar aside from the viewfinders (hybrid vs. electronic only). They feature sleek, retro designs that are very similar to Leica’s classic M-line of rangefinders. A common sentiment that I’ve heard is that the X-Series would be absolutely perfect if the company simply introduced a full frame body.

That time might not be too far off.

Amateur Photographer interviewed Fuji product planning operations manager Hiroshi Kawahara, who revealed that the company’s engineers are “looking into the viability” of a model with a full frame sensor:

Kawahara confirmed that the covering circle of Fuji’s current X-series lenses is large enough to accommodate full frame.

But he accepted that some current, wider, focal-length lenses would not be fully compatible with full-frame and that this risks alienating existing users.

Asked if full-frame would be possible in an X-Pro1-style body, with the same lens mount, he replied: ‘No, it is different lens by lens. The long zoom lens fits but a wide lens cannot.

‘So, if we introduce a full-size mount we would have to limit the amount [of compatible lenses].’

This seems key to whether Fuji will commit to full-frame.

The officials also say that “they have not set a time-frame on when they will make a corporate decision on a full-frame model.”

Given the popularity of the X-Series, which has already sold hundreds of thousands of units worldwide, what is Fujifilm currently working on then?

Hiroshi Kawahara, Fujifilm’s product planning operations manager, and one of the key figures behind the X-Series lineup

If I had to bet money, I’d say that Fujifilm is already hard at work in developing an X-Series full frame camera. And it should be. It’s pushing out relatively-affordable and highly-regarded Leica-esque cameras at price points that Leica will never go down to. That sounds to me like low hanging fruit that’s just ripe for the picking.

Finally, I was randomly chatting with a Leica employee prior to the Leica launch party that I attended earlier this week. One of his cameras is the X-Pro1 with a Leica lens. He was quite certain about the fact that Fujifilm is already working on a full frame X-Pro1 followup, saying that he heard it from someone.

Not only did he seem certain, but he was excited about it as well. Not that’s saying something.

Update: There seems to be some confusion regarding whether or not the XF could actually be used on a full frame body (without requiring a special adapter).

  • sierrarobba

    I want fuji make DSLRs !

  • Zac Henderson

    As long as there’s an optical viewfinder…

  • Nathan Blaney

    It would be pretty surprising if they didn’t have a full frame camera soon. Virtually everyone else is producing SOME FF body and with such demand, they’d be crazy not to. As it is, I’ve ditched my 5DmkII for the XPro-1 and X100. I’d add a FF body to the mix in a second.

  • Andrew

    With real manual focus, which I highly doubt they will do right.

  • kreativ

    Make a full frame digital true rangefinder with fuji M mount lens …btw it must be affordable

  • Dnguyen

    They did, using Nikon bodies, but that didn’t pan out well.

  • BL42E

    Hold the phone! Some random guy you met was quite certain that Fujifilm is working on a full frame camera?

  • skg

    is it possible to use fullframe sensor on fujifilm x mount?
    how about samsung fullframe nx mount?

  • Sam Bendall

    I love my Fuji’s (The xpro1 and the x100) and I have been a die hard Canon DSLR shooter for over 10 years. I have my 5Dmk2 always around and ready to shoot but my Fuji’s cover the gamut of everything these days. They are amazing cameras and I have slowly been trying to make the shift. I think the only thing that keeps me in the Canon camp is my lens investment and the 5D’s superiority in capturing video.