Apple’s Jonathan Ive to Design a Single Uber-Limited Edition Leica M

Do you love the design of Apple products? Do you have infinitely deep pockets? If you said yes to both questions, then I have some good news for you.

At Leica’s special event last night, after the new Leica M was announced, company owner Dr. Andreas Kaufmann revealed that they’ve got a very special limited edition version of the camera planned — one that’s designed by legendary Apple designer Sir Jonathan Ive.

This camera will be the mother of all limited editions based on one simple fact: only a single unit of the camera will ever be produced.

Aside from announcing this camera, not much else was revealed. It is, however, for more than just a publicity stunt: the camera will be auctioned off, and the proceeds will be donated to charity.

So, get ready. If you’re one part Apple fanboy, one part Leica fanboy, and all parts extraordinarily wealthy, then you’re going to want to pull out that checkbook soon.

Update: Some more info on this: Leica tells me that Jonathan Ive was supposed to attend the event last night to announce the collaboration. When he ended up not being able to make it, the company was planning to scratch the announcement from the itinerary. However, Dr. Kaufmann just went ahead and announced it anyway. It was done so quickly that most people didn’t seem to catch it.

Regarding the auction: it will be done in collaboration with Bono, the lead singer of U2. We’re not sure whether this is with CodeRED or with some other effort.

The camera won’t be unveiled anytime soon, as the design process hasn’t even started yet.

  • Eziz

    Because of this, we will see a resurgence of organ donors in the black market.

  • PhotoShark

    i wonder how this will turn out. Also curious of the price it will snag. Im the farthest thing from an Apple fan, but I do believe this will be big news in the camera world!

  • James

    Two companies with their heads snugly stuck up thier own @sses!

  • quickpick

    eww, what a smug publicity stunt for both companies. charity is always ok, but is it charity when it’s made in the purpose of incresing publicity of the benefactor? in my vocabulary that’s called sponsorship..

  • misund007

    My guess is that it will be the only ever white Leica

  •!/thelonelylights Adam Cross

    will be interesting to see which charity the money goes to

  • 9inchnail

    It’s just the design, the outward appearance, the look. Nothing earth-shaking. Nothing new on the western front.

  • 9inchnail

    “If you’re one part Apple fanboy, one part Leica fanboy”

    So, basically a genetically engineered Uber-Hipster?

    I mean, just one unit? Hipsters are gonna kill each other. What we’ve seen in the islamic world is gonna pale in comparison.

  • Piblo

    We’ll start the auction at $100,000, because it has ties to Apple. Battery sold separately for $350. All bidders must also commit to purchasing 10 songs on ITunes.

  • orthorim

    Seems really untypical for Ive… going through the pains to design a single brilliant camera, only to have only one made. I do expect the price to be absolutely astronomical though.

    Imagine the Oil sheiks duking it out over the single Leica M designed by Ive. This might reach $100M.

  • orthorim

    @817a5e808b558f2510175e19cbc1292e:disqus That would also not make sense for Ive.

    Jon Ive’s designs ARE the product, they’re not just a pretty skin around some already existing tech. That’s integral to his designs – Dieter Rams and Jon Ive (and in the past, Sony) are doing it this way, and they’re pretty religious about it.

  • WholeLottaSadnessInTheWorld

    What a collosal waste of time and research money! Why not just give all of the money that will be spent on this and give THAT to charity? ACK!

  • gjgustav

    If you’re going to get a dig at Apple, do it right.
    “We’ll start the auction at $100,000, because it has ties to Apple. Battery is sealed in unit; to replace it, send to Apple for $10,000 battery replacement service. Camera does not accept flash memory cards. Add $100,000 for 32GB of internal storage, $200,000 for 64GB. All photographs taken must be approved by the Apple Photo Store before downloading to computer.”

  • gjgustav

    So what’s wrong with that? Seems like a win-win scenario to me.

  • Jackson Cheese

    Every time somebody uses the word “hipster” on this website, Jesus kills a puppy.

  • Russell Bishop

    because that sum would be less. probably.

  • Pragith Prakash

    So let me guess; the camera will be longer, “awesome”, “cool”, “gorgeous”, thinner, lighter and packed with A6X. It would be the best camera ever produced and it would have an extraordinary engineering team behind it.

  • T

    There is only one button.

  • Travis Lawton

    It’ll probably look awesome but it’ll cost a pretty penny.

  • Guest

    maybe to the “Anonymous Leica Addicts”? ;)

  • Guest

    damn, replied to the wrong comment =/

  • Guest

    maybe to the “Anonymous Leica Addicts”? ;)

  • Zhemin


  • Rish


  • Jake

    Wouldn’t it be hilarious if it came bundled with iPhoto.

  • Jake

    Wouldn’t it be great if they bundled it with iPhoto?

  • Jake

    Sorry about double posting. My internet connection is crap and sometimes it times out before I know if the comment loaded or not.

  • Josh Haygood

    ill bet you an m6 that it will look alot like all the other leicas

  • Brad LaFoy

    That’s the point, man. It’s a charity auction.

  • guest

    .. you’re. hilarious.

  • Brad LaFoy

    “both companies”? My understanding is that J. Ive is designing it for Leica. There will be no Apple logo or Apple tie-in with this. Though at least you managed to be glib and cynical without resorting to the word “fanboy”. :)

  • leicaman

    Leica (I shot with Leicas professionally for 21 years) has a history of limited edition cameras. They just did a one-off of a 1600mm f/5.6 lens for some middle-eastern sheik. Why not this?

  • ion sokhos

    I hear it’ll come preloaded with Instagram and lots of rad filters.

  • semi-ambivalent

    Now, THIS is a post! :)

  • Philip Greetings

    Oh ! The ‘ iLeica ‘ ;)

  • PhotoShark

    Well, I dont mean that is would be earth shaking…not in the sense of the product, but it being a limited edition of ONE. That will probably attract some really heavy wallets. Think about that fisheye Nikon lens that sold for a large sum of money. Collectors will be all over this! When i meant big news in the camera world i meant from a monetary perspective. :)

  • M

    Isn’t ‘hipster’ just another way to say ‘I feel inferior to this person’?

  • Sean

    let me guess…the single unit has already been sold out…and the owner is Sir Ive himself

  • C.K. Lee

    So… Apple. Does this mean it will be a black camera with rounded corners? I guess they had to sign Jonathan on so they wouldn’t get sued :)

  • Marian Posăceanu

    Leica was an awesome piece of machinery before the hipsters arrived :)

  • Leica Internet Team

    For those comments asking about the charity: The camera will be auctioned off at a charity auction, organized by Bono, in summer 2013 to benefit the organization “Reporters Without Borders”. The proceeds from the auction will go to those whose work Leica particularly wants to support: reporters in parts of the world afflicted by war and crisis, for whom “Reporter Without Borders” advocates. -Leica Internet Team

  • camerique

    Maybe it will send pics directly to the iWatch.

  • Mike

    would be nice if you had pics of it…