Sony RX1 Leaks: A Full-Frame Fixed-Lens Compact Camera for $2800

A huge leak in the photo world today: Sony is planning to unleash a full frame compact camera called the RX1 that’s designed to compete against the Leica X2, which contains a smaller APS-C sensor, and the Leica M9, which is much more expensive. Photoprice Canada and sonyalpharumors published photos of the camera, which looks like a beefier version of the highly-acclaimed RX100 compact camera (which has a smaller 1-inch sensor).

The camera packs a Carl Zeiss 35mm f/2.0 lens — a great all-around focal length — and the same 24-megapixel full frame sensor as the upcoming A99 SLT (pellicle mirror) camera.

sonyalpharumors reports that the RX1 will be priced at $2799. This mean’s it has a larger sensor and a larger price than the Leica X2, and an equal sensor and a smaller price than the Leica M9.

Other features include 14-bit RAW, an ISO range of 100-25,600, 5fps continuous shooting, HD video recording, a magnesium body, a 3-inch LCD screen, and the option of optical and electronic external viewfinders.

Here’s a sensor size comparison between the RX-100’s 1-inch sensor, the Leica X2’s APS-C sensor, and the RX1’s full frame sensor (disregard the labels):

Sony is investing heavily into making the compact camera relevant again by stuffing it with a sensor that can go toe-to-toe with the popular large-sensor cameras on the market. The RX1 will be the flagship, premium camera that features a full frame sensor, and the RX100 is a smaller camera that packs a 1-inch sensor. It seems like the stage is set for a new RX10 camera that uses an APS-C sensor, but that’s just speculation at this point.

Image credit: Sensor size comparison by Sensor Size

  • PUA

    At $2799 no ovf – evf , no interchangeable lenses , its a crap thing…. make a nex or a mirrorless whatever is FF and we can think to buy it

  • Guest

    For $2800 + lens costs they’re going to have to do better than that.

  • Mike

    Nice, I like it. I don’t plan to buy one but I may get the RX100. Good choice to go with a fast 35mm.

  • Mute

    Agreed, for that price they’re pushing it, especially with no optical or hybrid viewfinder. I also doubt the design is ‘premium’ enough for the kind of people this is aimed at.

  • JoeGjura

    No interchangeable lenses? Come on. Everything was awesome until that.

  • Rafael Ricoy

    I think it’s a marketing strategy: now the RX-100 seems a bargain :)

  • F200

    It’s a digital Konica Hexar….

  • egilphoto

    I find it mind boggling that people comment without actually reading the article.

  • Howard

    Agree. The lack of interchangeable lenses at that price seems like a deal breaker

  • pokeken

    The RX1 seems like it will be the best casual/street camera ever….I’m super excited! I may sell my X100 now

  • Kelso’s Kneecap

    I’m betting 7/10 commenters never actually read anything apart from the headline.

  • Bogdan Radu

    Ummm… Fake?

  • Craig Wilkinson

    needs a viewfinder

  • really sell your x100?

    What a dick whack

  • Vladimir Byazrov

    looks amazing though one huge mistake is that
    there must be a shutter speed dial instead of mode dial.
    who on earth change modes like crazy?

  • 11

    explain to me why is it mind boggling. I read the article, and I agree with “guest”.

  • Sean McCann

    “Lens costs” implies that you need to purchase a lens. This one has the lens. That is what “fixed lens” means.

  • 11

    thanks for the clarification. I understood that part as I read it. But, I still think 2800 is too high for this “fixed” lens camera. I was wondering if this has some magical specs that I am not seeing..

  • Renato Murakami

    I wouldn’t get one, but I like the fact that Sony is doing this.
    It means we’ll soon have full frame sensors on point n shoot sized cameras with interchangeable lenses soon.
    Push competition forward instead of killing it with lawsuits, that’s the way to go.

  • pickles

    It may just be a design thing. You can get a 5d mark II and a zeiss 35mm f2 for around $2800. But a 5D doesn’t have a tiny body.

  • TSY87

    Hopefully this means a full frame NEX is on the horizon… now THAT would get my attention. I gotta hand it to SONY, they are stepping up their game.

  • Allen Arrick

    This camera looks cool, but the important part is that camera manufacturers are taking sensor size seriously. We need bigger sensors, not more megapixels.

  • Albin Roussel

    there is a wheel at the back. you could use it for shutter. and there is the obvious aperture ring. Dream set up may I add for manual shooters. I just cant get over that price :(

  • Bart Kuik

    I found myself shooting my whole holiday with only an old Konica 24mm
    lens attached to my Nex-5, last year I shot a lot of pics with my old
    Konica Auto S3 with its brilliant 38mm f/1.8. For me, 35~40mm is the most versatile focal length.

    Too bad I can’t afford such an expensive camera…

  • garygraphy

    Getting full frame in a compact is almost as holy grail as a camera can get. The industry has been on this path but you are right that it may be a big deal as Fuji has demonstrated that you can get great images from an APS-C.

    Nonetheless, I am excited at what this can mean – future iterations with those introducing interchangeables with full frame sensors means I can use my beloved vintage rangefinder lenses (and the modern Leica’s too!) at their native focal lengths without crop factors.

  • tom

    Pretty amazing but I don’t know how many people going to buy this? First of all no adjustable lenses. Second, no view finder. People want this. The Fuji x100 has a great dual one for less than half the cost. Thirdly, What’s the point in making it so small when the lens sticks out so far anyways? Not much to grab onto either and that makes it awkward. Should have made it a bit bigger with a view finder. Lastly, the price. Way too high for what it is. If it was back in the day before digital when people had good cameras for 20+ years than I would say yes it’s worth it, but with technology changing so quickly it’s very hard to fork over almost 3k for a small fixed lens camera that will be outdated in 6 to 7 years time. Interesting to see what the RX10 will be like.

  • Truthiocity

    I’m in the market for a full frame but won’t be purchasing this because I need more than just 35mm.
    As far as I can tell only proffessionals need full frame sensors and can justify the cost. But a proffessional would need to change lenses and require a bunch of other features too. This camera seems made for enthusiasts but they really only need aps c.
    The included lens is a good point. Lenses for Full Frame cameras are pretty darned pricey so this might not be as expensive as it appears. This lens appears to have an impressive f stop range from 2 to 22. But I would much prefer a 35mm to 85mm range then just 35mm. Had it that then I would think it was the perfect portrait and street photography tool.
    If there was an inexpensive and usable 2x or 3x zoom extender for it then bingo bango. Otherwise I’ll wait for the next generation.
    And I gotta say, for 2800 bucks I’d want a camera that LOOKS like it cost 2800 bucks. Not 350 tops. Looking cheap won’t stop it from being stolen.

  • Truthiocity

    Can someone explain to me what the stuff on the camera lens means?
    0 (with a diangonal line thru it) 49, 2/35, T*
    And C, S, DMF. (I know what MF is)

  • Dez

    IT’S A TRAP!

  • Dez

    No built in EVF, not so fast lens. Sony, you just killed the interest of people who would buy a camera like this. The Canon MILC with a f2/35 does the same with interchangeable lenses. (also crap)

  • jonrsharpe

    The o with a / superimposed means “diameter”; 49mm filter threads. 35(mm) is the focal length. 2 is the maximum f-stop (really it should be 35/2, which is the largest available aperture diameter – I don’t know why they put it that way around). T* is a lens coating. C and S will be for Continuous and Single autofocus modes, not sure what DMF is.

  • jesseyardley

    Well stated.

  • quickpick

    yeah, where’s the EVF? and could have been slightly faster lens too to have more appeal, say f/1.4. though this cam’s out of my price range for a point & shoot anyway :)

  • Antonio Carrasco


  • Antonio Carrasco


  • Jakob

    full frame to the masses… and help the fight against crappy instagram pictures.

  • quad

    if by full frame to the masses you refer to a 2799$ camera…you have no idea what you are talking about :)

  • Chris

    Throw an optical in the hot shoe and keep your fingers crosses Sony packs in decent AF.

  • Matt E.

    It has a 49mm filter diameter, it is an f/2, 35 mm, T* lens coating,AF Continuous, AF Single, and Direct Manual Focus

  • a2zStuff

    Can’t wait to use this camera :)

  • Shawn Ramirez


  • John Goldsmith

    Canon 5D Mk II: $2000
    Canon 40mm pancake lens: $200
    Total: $2200


  • Just passed by

    This one is designed for compactness. The one you are talking is DSLR..How could it be compared? Probably only idiotic people like you know how, I guess.

  • Rencora