Sony Unleashes a Number of RX1 Photos Showing the Power of Full Frame

Sony made huge ripples in the camera industry earlier this month by announcing a compact camera with a full frame sensor: the RX1. The camera features a bokehlicious 35mm f/2 Carl Zeiss lens, a super compact size, and a price tag of $2,800 that broke many a photographer’s heart.

For those of you who are wondering how the fusion of compact and full frame performs, Sony has uploaded a number of full-resolution sample photographs. Pixel-peepers, prepare to gawk in amazement at the quality that’s now possible with fixed lens compact cameras.

To take a closer look at any of the images in this post, simply click them for the full-res 6000×4000 versions:

Only two of the sample photographs weren’t shot at ISO 100. These next two photos offer a glimpse into the low-light performance of this camera. This one was shot at ISO 1600:

This photograph was shot at ISO 6400:

Here’s a 100% crop of the previous photograph:

You may now pick your jaws up off the floor. It’s ridiculous how nice the photos turn out even when ISO is boosted to 6400 — a level that’s still far below the camera’s max native ISO of 25600. Too bad there isn’t a sample photo showing ISO 25600 yet.

Okay Sony, you’ve shown us full frame compacts. Now take this camera and make it have an interchangeable lens, please.