Shooting with the First Lot of Impossible’s New 8×10 Large Format Instant Film

San Diego-based photographer Tim Mantoani, the guy who shot giant Polaroid photos of famous photographers holding their works, recently got his hands on Lot #1 of The Impossible Project’s new 8×10 instant film. To test it out, Mantoani busted out his large format camera and 8×10 processor, and then visited a local surf shop to create a multi-shot panorama.

The official page for this new film states,

The PQ 8×10 Silver Shade film is the proud result of our love for large format instant photography. Other than the traditional Polaroid peel apart film, this new 8×10 film is an integral instant film. The basis of this film is our Silver Shade material with a film speed of 640 ASA. One pack contains 10 negatives and 10 positives to be shot in 8×10 cameras using the original Polaroid 8×10 holder and processor.

The film needs to be kept at cold temperatures until they’re needed, and need to be kept in the dark for four minutes after being processed. The layer of “wet developing paste” inside the gigantic piece of film can actually take 3-4 weeks to completely dry, unless you take steps to expedite the process and stabilize the image.

Here’s the panorama that resulted:

If you want to play around with the film yourself, a pack of 10 shots will set you back $190. At $19 per exposure, the 5 photo panorama above came out to $95.

(via ISO 1200)

  • Graham Case

    This is a pretty exciting prospect. It’s expensive – however, once the chemistry is sorted out, not really anymore expensive than shooting colour 8×10 film…

    The integral-ness of the film is really strange, in my mind, since I have used Polaroid 8×10, which was a traditional peel-apart film, but the results are looking pretty good so far.

    One thing that is to be noted is that the images are flipped from left-to-right, since it’s a direct to positive, rather than a peel apart (negative/positive) process. Polaroid 600 cameras have mirrors and prisms to fix that, but 8×10 cameras have nothing like that to fix that.

    I may have to drop the cash to get my hands on one box soon-ish…