Make a DIY Bean Bag Stabilizer Using Old Jeans and Some Lentils

The bean bag is a tool that photographers sometimes use to stabilize their camera. Plop it down on a fixed platform, and the bag can do wonders for achieving sharper shots. Instead of buying a bean bag for a marked up price, you can easily create a do-it-yourself version at home. After all, it’s just some beans in a bag… Digital Camera World has a step-by-step tutorial on how you can create one using some lentils and a pair of unwanted jeans.

What’s great about using a pair of jeans, beside the fact that denim is a very durable material, is that you can cut out the crotch section — a bit strange, we know — in order to give your bean bag a built-in zipper. This makes filling the bag a breeze, and allows you to quickly change the number of beans inside to make the bag softer or firmer.

Reduce camera shake with a bag of lentils [Digital Camera World]

  • Alan Dove

    Or you could leave the beans in the zipper-locking bag they were probably in when you picked them up at the supermarket.

  • Chris Popely

    I’m not about to rip up a £150 pair of jeans for this, I’ll just stick with my hand.

  • Dave Reynolds

    Exactly. I came here to make that same observation. Zippers have a tendency to slide down.

  • Mansgame

    Uhh, if the photographer has time to plan for this, why not bring a mini-tripod of some sort with them? If there is no time to plan, what has more of a probability: Photographer just happens to have a sewing machine, beans, and ripped jeans on hand or a gorillapod?

  • Digitus Impudicus

    I think if it ever got wet, in a couple of weeks you’d have a bag of moldy or fermenting lentils

  • as if

    don’t waste food for not so important stuff …

  • rtfe

    creepy guy in photo, stalking

  • Norm Cooper

    you can get PE beads for almost as cheap as the beans, and they wont rot when wet

  • spam

    umm, the photographer looks like he is using his lentil bag to snap telephoto pictures of the local primary school…