Jump Man: An Amazing Self-Portrait-A-Day Video Five Years in the Making

After the viral success of Noah Kalina’s self-portrait-a-day video everyday, there has been no shortage of people copying the idea and creating their own versions of the project. However, not many come close to the awesomeness and creativity of the video above, created by a guy named Mike (Thisnomyp on YouTube).

Almost exactly one year after Kalina’s video hit the web, Mike began taking one self-portrait each day, starting on August 25, 2007. Five years later, this past weekend, Mike was able to compile all the photos into the video seen above, titled “Jump Man.”

Though he might have been inspired by Kalina’s work, Mike’s video has some creative elements that set it apart from similar videos. Instead of a static photo of his face each day that’s fixed in its framing and composition, Mike moves around in the video, turning tiny movements in successive photos into larger movements when the video is played as a time-lapse.

He also uses a tear-off calendar on the wall behind him to provide viewers with a sense of how much time is passing (and for personal reference when working with the files, which weigh in at tens of gigabytes on his computer).

Pay close attention to the objects in the background — stop-motion animation techniques are used to bring them to life!

  • mtler

    blocked in Canada :(

  • brob

    damn. blocked in my country due to copyright

  • Sean Walsh

    BOOO!!! Blocked in Canada. Get with it EMI!

  • Mike

    Blocked. Lame.

  • briscophoto

    Note to Thisnomyp, if you want a video to be viewed by a large number of people, make it accessible to a large number of people.

  • Matthew Rakola

    As near as I can tell he took one vacation in 5 years. I think he deserves one now.

  • rtfe

    Homer Simpson did it better

  • Todor Reskew

    I need an Alka Seltzer after seeing his nipples…

  • Atlanta Owner

    Someone didn’t get enough attention as a child. More power to you though – you found the 15 minutes of fame, regardless.

  • aa

    Don’t worry if it’s blocked; it is a waste of time

  • Steven Alan

    That was awesome. I love the dedication. Also it was different and creative.

  • Jeroen

    Brilliant! That’s discipline!

  • 9inchnail

    It’s only blocked because of the music used in the video. A**hole organisations like the GEMA in Germany make Youtube block videos in various countries because they don’t get compensated for the usage of copyrighted music.

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    haha funny elements used, such as the wooden doll making his dance moves! Rock on, nice! :D

  • Drew Liebert

    Gained a little weight there